Fernando Alonso says he is expecting a “tough” Spanish Grand Prix weekend.

“We know it’s going to be a tough weekend,” he said. “If I tell you I will be fighting for the podium I will be lying.

“We’re not in a position we’re happy with. We have some deficit to the top teams, especially Mercedes. We’ll try to decrease that gap and get closer, but to do that we need to make bigger steps than the other teams.”

“The characteristics of the circuit will help us a bit, as there are not too many big straights,” he explained.

“We have brought some new parts but I don’t think it will be any different to the other teams. We will have to see. Track characteristics will probably be the biggest help here.”

However Mercedes Toto Wolf however see Ferrari to be their biggest rivals for 2014.

“I think it will be Ferrari,” said Wolff when asked which team he believes will put up the biggest fight.
“They are the only other team to have everything, car and powertrain, in-house.
“And I reckon Alonso to be a real race monster who can achieve anything.”

“I am not afraid of this race but we enter it with a lot of respect,” Wolff explained.
“Catalunya will prove how good our car really is, because we compete there on a ‘Red Bull track’.

“We all know it will become tighter. If you look at Red Bull at the first test and where they went from there, they really made impressive progress. And Ferrari showed excellent shape too lately. So nothing is guaranteed.”

Hi, I have been a Formula 1 fanatic since 1987 when my family took me to the Adelaide GP. I now enjoy close friendships with team members at Ferrari and within the Holden Racing Team (V8Supercars).
  • Hasn’t every weekend been a tough weekend, at least for the last few years.
    I think Alonso was reading from the Flip Massa book of F1 cliché’s.