Melbourne’s Albert Park circuit has been on the Formula 1 calendar since 1996 but that doesn’t always guarantee permanency in F1…money does. The good news is, Australia found some cash and have resigned a new contract extension.

The wonderful nation of Australia will host a round of the Formula 1 series through 2020 according to reports and this couldn’t come at a better time as the nation has a lot to be excited about with the performance of hometown hero and Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo.

If the terrific fans from the Great Southern Land were getting dog-eared about Sebastian Vettel beating their own Mark Webber, the shoe has clearly been on the other foot this year with Webber’s replacement, Ricciardo, showing the German his tailpipe.

Australia has been a wonderful part of F1 history and a contract extension is really good news. It makes a great season opener as well and retains that distinction for 2015 as well.

Here’s the all the fabulous people of Australia and your grand prix until 2020…cheers! Now, having said that, there are a few folks who like to see it at a different location in Australia and if you are one of those (especially an Australian who like to see it moved), let us know where and why.

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  • Good News… if it turns out to be an accurate report. Hope so.

    I went to all bar one of the Adelaide GPs (1995-1996) and I’ve been to a fair number of the Melbourne GPs. Very different events. Adelaide was the end of Year party GP, with lots of exciting Season finale and championship deciders. Melbourne the exciting start to yesr with all the uncertainties of Winter testing and such heightening expectations to find out start of season pecking orders.

    I think they both do/did fantastic jobs of holding GP events. I personally loved the Adelaide event more. Melbourne is great… but Not Senna, Mansell, Piquet, Prost, Rosberg, Berger, Alesi, Schumacher, Hill, Hakkinen, Villeneuve, etc mega. The battles for WDC seen in Adleaide were awesome.

    I really think the event would be good to be in Sydney or Perth for a while. Probably Perth given that is Daniel Ricciardo’s hametown. Sort of right. Plenty of open parkland areas for track layout along the Swan River. An idea? Any other seconders? JF

  • Typo: Adelaide GPs (1985-1996).

  • Im so ashamed that you beat me to this fantastic news!! And were you fishing for me NC! Their is no better place than Adelaide to host a GP. Too bad our state government doesn’t have the funds to stage the race so I was told by the state premier last month. Although he did say that if the situation was different Melbourne would have lost it years ago. Very happy to see it still in Australia at least.

  • jonnowoody

    Mexico is done and dusted and as soon as Baku is inked and stamped, expect the next headline: “Monza announces deal through 2025.”
    Aaaah – the old tricks are the best tricks.