Jenson Button says he was a tad perplexed at Lewis Hamilton’s driving Sunday at the German Grand Prix. Hamilton collided with Button and said later that he thought Button was letting him though.  Button told the press:

“Why would we let anyone through? I don’t know if you’ve noticed but a lot of drivers do that line to get a good exit from the corner,” he said.

“I think the problem with Lewis is he expected me to let him past.

“I don’t think I’m the only person he drove into today. It’s strange, when the car’s so much quicker you’d think he wouldn’t get into so [many] fights but there you go.

“He drove into my rear wheel, that’s all I’ve got to say and I don’t know much else about it.

“I’m out there doing my race. It would make it boring if we all let him past when he was coming through the field.”

Hamilton, in his defense, said it was his fault and he misread the situation when asked about the  incident. Lewis was on a charge back through the field to minimize points damage and finished a terrific 3rd after starting from 20th but he did have a few moments with Sutil, Raikkonen and Button in the process. You have to break a few eggs if you’re going to make an omelette.

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  • Rapierman

    The first two times, I’d chalk it up to recklessness. That third time, I’ll chalk it up to miscommunication. Either way, body parts were flying.

  • I would class Lewis as the donkey of the race.
    He hit so many people during the race, and was VERY lucky to get away with it all.

    • Brody

      Massa who many like myself felt that he created that dramatic accident at the first turn, and compromised both Ricciardo and Magnussen’s races. Felipe by flipping over with the posibility of seriously injuring himself, but yet you feel that the donkey for the race was Lewis, and not Massa. A typical asinine statement from a Hamilton detractor, who would look for any excuse to criticize Lewis.

  • eram

    Seems like he had a change of heart once he saw the race.

    Jenson Button @JensonButton ·
    After watching the race back think I overreacted with my feelings about Lewis’s move. I can understand why he thought I was giving him room.

  • Morton

    I think this is how Lewis sees JB as a racer unconsciously. (“Why would we let anyone through?” Lewis thought JB would.)
    He wouldn’t have done that move ageist any other drivers. (might have done to Max, though)

  • Talk to the hand Jensen…. because the face don’t understand.

  • Jenson said it all. Lewis Hamilton needs to learn that not everyone is Esteban Gutierrez, easily scared off the road – some drivers have enough substance to hold their own. The general standard of driving in Germany was lousy, but Lewis was in 4 separate collisions yesterday. At least two of those were definitely his fault (one of the others was ambiguous, and I think he was the innocent party in the other). Crash enough times and places may be made up, but it doesn’t impress me the way Webber’s rise from 17th to 3rd in China 2011 did.

  • PeterFan

    British press and Sky commentators were very soft with Lewis’s racing yesterday. He was driving as if just came from GP2. Just imagine what would have been the commentaries if the person in that car was Perez, Maldonado or even Rosberg. I’m pretty sure the would have been plenty of people calling for a grid penalty on the next race.

  • Brundle immediately noticed Button being too deep, assumed that he had missed the corner.

    I don’t know whether Button was yielding or struggling, but he was awfully wide and looked to have missed the apex as he turned late; that Button was on target for his 2nd pit, no grip on worn tires?

    I’ll be curious if driver Paul shares Brundle’s view that Hamilton’s misjudgment understandable given Button’s positioning.

  • Skiver

    Can’t see the issue. He didn’t take anybody out. It was aggressive but not dangerous. Was good racing. Isn’t that what we want to see?

  • Red

    Todd….come on fella, you know better than this.

    You spent a large portion of time in a previous podcast saying you don’t know who Lewis is as he trying to be everything to all men in front of the press. This is a typical example of blowing out of proportion a small race incident that of course had to involve Lewis, I don’t see the article on Kimi unable to stop hitting other cars yesterday…..But that’s because we know negative Lewis stories are clickbait.

    I like you guys, but you succumb to the hyperbole on some occasions, and then when you complain at a later date you fail to recognise that you (the F1 media) contribute to the problem. This was a complete non event, JB apologised afterwards for over reacting and the world kept on turning. It should’ve been no more than a passing sentence in a news item, this didn’t warrant a seperate article. It could’ve led with a more neutral title, but of course It has the loaded ‘why would we let him through’ title which instantly makes the reader think Lewis is in the wrong….

    You guys are better than this, just because the ‘powers that be’ are treating us like mugs doesn’t mean you need to get in on it too….

    Sorry to beat F1B up a bit but it’s been bugging me a lot recently and the website seems to be that little more ‘spiced’ with loaded comments imo..

  • NeilM

    I don’t see the issue either. Hamilton was coming up through the field and did a damn good job of it. Yeah there was a little bumping and grinding in the race, but Lewis was by no means the main offender. How about that Räikönnen sandwich? And of course the Massa incident. (No, not a Magnussen incident.)

    What was more interesting was how much passing there was on a track known for just the opposite. Wonderfully skillful duel between Alonso and Ricciardo, too! Remember when everyone was wondering about Red Bull choosing him? Hah!

  • Nic

    The question should be “why did everyone else move out of Hamilton’s way?” Hamilton had everyone else working for him on Sunday – including the stewards. He should have had a drive through for hitting Button. Ge should have started from rhe pit lane for adjusting his brakes. And no one should have let him through. Is there a silent agreement that this nutty show pony has to win the championship this year? Jenson mustnt be in on it and that’s as it should be.

    • Brody

      If Lewis should have received a drive through because of his incident with Button…..Then Massa, hell should start the race in Hungary from the back row.

    • Skiver

      If Hamilton had the stewards working for him, there would have been a SC for the Sutil incident.

  • Racing Incident. Nothing more.

    Move on…nothing to see here.