With this week’s announcement, Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone threw a googly by announcing that Azerbaijan could be joining the ranks of host nations for a F1 race in 2015 or 2016. The continuing saga of new races replacing near-new races such as India, South Korea and Turkey is becoming a theme.

One race that could be moving forward is a second race in the US located in New Jersey with New York as the backdrop. In recent months, the war of words in the press has seen Ecclestone slate the Grand Prix of America organizers as having not paid, missed their deadline and have no idea about what they’re doing.

According to Caroline Reid for Racer Magazine, the organizers may have found some cash to get things moving in the right direction. Reid quotes Ecclestone:

“New Jersey have just written to me,” he said. “Somebody has paid some more money for outstanding bills and they are saying they have got more money coming in. If they do what they have to do, I’m happy.”

It was also announced last year that Mexico could see a return to form in grand prix racing in 2015. Ecclestone says he has a signed contract for the race and if the Grand Prix of America folks don’t get their act together soon, it could lose its place on the provisional calendar to Mexico. This would be the third time the New Jersey event would be removed from the calendar.

Ecclestone also said that there is a deal on the table to bring France back in to the fold with a new grand prix at and old spot called Magny Cours. The last race held at the historic circuit was in 2008.

“We have got a contract on the table with France for a race at Magny-Cours. To meet the terms of our contract, the organizers will need money and we will want some kind of guarantee that it’s not going to be a one-night stand. It was [originally] going to take place this year, actually.”

Ecclestone feels that India could make it back on the calendar but doesn’t hold much hope for Korea unless they get a new government…that of course means a government willing to subsidize the race. He also is looking forward to the 2014 season so you should check out the link and read the story at Racer.

Ecclestone works his magic and pits party against party. That’s just how he gets things done. Should Mexico and New Jersey both get the cash and circuits ready, it will be interesting to see if it is an either or situation or if a date will magically appear for both races.

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  • Alianora La Canta

    I’ll wait to see if either venue is in a position to host a race (read: pay Bernie his extortionate fee) before getting excited about the possibility of either joining the calendar.

  • Steve C

    Why is it that everybody always piles on Bernie? He has a product, that product is in high demand. Therefor, he can charge what he wants and if people aren’t willing to pay then they don’t get to host a race. SURE, it’s a lot of money and if anything, Bernie needs to understand that the Global economy just cannot afford those prices anymore.

    New Jersey had it’s chance and is failing. Mexico, with Tavo Hellmund around, is looking for State money to update the track there. Mexico already has a track, it should be easier for them to make it happen. Long Beach, please, no more short road courses…

  • Rapierman

    I realize that I have no power to do what I’m about to suggest, but I want to see the transaction, right down to the checking account numbers, dates and amounts, before I even think that there’s going to be a new GP.

    Until then, Bernie……SHADDUP!!!

  • @_canuck_

    Magny cours historic? haha
    Long Beach now thats historic and much better, would’nt mind if NJ or mexico replace Korea.