One of the the great things about being a part of is getting to meet some of the folks in the F1 paddock. I must say that some of the nicest people I’ve met work with Shell and in particular, Guy Lovett. Guy is one of the nicest people you will meet and the added bonus is that he is immensely brilliant. I am very honored that Shell gave me a few minutes to speak with Guy directly from the trackside Shell lab in Bahrain as they prepare for this weekend’s grand prix.

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Guy Lovett

Here’s what you’ll discover in this episode:

  • Has the fuel and lubricant specification tested on dyno’s met the teams expectations on track?
  • Is there any lessons learned from Australia that prompted a new fuel specification and is there a new spec coming for Europe?
  • Has the lubricants managed the increased heat int eh new 2014 power units?
  • What is the deal with the fuel-flow sensor and what does it mean to measure at the “rail”?
  • What’s Kimi Raikkonen really like?

We chat about all of this and more. I hope you enjoy this interview and it is always a sheer honor to speak with Guy. A big thank you to Shell for making time for all of us at F1B.

Shell track lab guy lovett NC


Inside the Shell Track Lab with Guy Lovett


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  • Fascinating interview; great access. Particularly illuminating when Mr. Lovett highlighted octane requirements of the new turbo ICE’s; I’m curious if Shell’s using Ethanol in its race fuel. Octane can play havoc w/ the Air/fuel ratio, combustion efficiency and spark quality… I wish you could have tied him up to a chair and tortured him into giving up the gander, but as you mentioned, he really does sound a lovely guy… :)

    Also goes to show how any new regulation change has a cascading effect throughout the entirety of the package and package suppliers.

    Thanks for this.

  • What is the name of the song in the intro to this episode ?

  • I just ran across an article about Red Bull’s performance in Bahrain. It was based on an interview with Helmut Marko. At the very end of the article, Marko was quoted as follows:

    “When you have the right fuel for your power unit, like Mercedes does, it can immediately make a difference of 30hp.”

    Could that be part of the reason why Mercedes is so much better than the other teams with Mercedes engines? It’s certainly an interesting aspect that I never thought about. I thought all the fuels would be very similar in how they perform.

    So Todd, should you get another chance to talk to one of the Shell guys, I would be grateful if you could ask them if a fuel be “tuned” to a particular engine and if privileged access (like Petronas presumably has in regards to the Mercedes engine) can give you an edge over other suppliers.