Ferrari has announced that Luca Marmorini, Director of the Engine and Electronics, has left the team.

Marmorini’s days were numbered after Ferrari’s challenging start to the sport’s latest turbocharged era, with new team boss Marco Mattiacci gradually restructuring the outfit’s F1 operation in a quest to start afresh.

As part of the weeding out process, Mattia Binotto becomes Chief Operating Officer of the power unit department.

The Italian marque also clarified that Technical Director James Allison remains in charge of overall car design, supported by Nikolas Tombazis, Chief Designer for Chassis, and Lorenzo Sassi, Chief Designer for Power Unit.

Pat Fry still has not been announced if he is staying or leaving the team as of yet.

Hi, I have been a Formula 1 fanatic since 1987 when my family took me to the Adelaide GP. I now enjoy close friendships with team members at Ferrari and within the Holden Racing Team (V8Supercars).
  • jonnowoody

    ‘In a further development, The Scuderia are poised to announce that the baby his set to be ejected along with the whole bath water program. Technical staff were quoted as saying: ” the whole dirty baby system is due for an overhaul and new sparkling babies are being drafted-in from leading teams in an effort to revamp the entire infant side of the Maranello operations.” ‘

  • Montezemolo Out at Ferrari, 13 October:

    Wow, I guess the rumblings in the road car world and the reported talk during Monza were true. The timing’s a bit too on the nose to positively affect IPO prices, no?

    Marchionne’s a visionary with strong business sense; the Mattiaci move has made more and more sense as he can sell the F1 values to the race-ambivalent, pocket-rich Americans he already knows. I personally question commoditizing Ferrari’s road cars, but it makes sense for the entire group if Fiat Chrysler’s to take on Volkswagen AG et al.

    However, he’s no racer, and also known to be a control freak a la Ghosn @ Nissan/Renault and the great Ferdinand Piech (sans the Montezemolo egoism); I wonder how he’ll treat the Scuderia. If he hires a proper team manager for the actual racing, his red-tape/status-quo -breaking mentality could provide dividends for Ferrari F1.

    Overall, I think this is a plus for Scuderia Ferrari.