Ferrari team boss Marco Mattiacci says he is very close to making his first serious change since taking on the role as Team Principle, having spent the past month and a half assessing the operation of the Ferrari team.

“In the last six weeks we did a very thorough assessment of the opportunities to improve in the short-term and the areas that require a medium- to long-term approach to bring Ferrari back to the very highest competitive level,” said Mattiacci.

“I’m not going to disclose publically which areas we need to improve, but it’s clear that we need to take some action towards improving the working methodology, organisation and making the Scuderia faster, not only on the track, but also in terms of decisions and processes.”

“We have a lot of assets and good people, but if in the market there are people that can bring a strong added value to the team, we will definitely go for it,” he said.

“There is no entity that can stay the same, we need to improve organisational changes and bring people from the outside. Everybody is doing this. It’s not only Ferrari.”

Since Mattiacci took over from former Team Principle Stefano Domenicali, Ferrari has stepped on to the podium once.

Hi, I have been a Formula 1 fanatic since 1987 when my family took me to the Adelaide GP. I now enjoy close friendships with team members at Ferrari and within the Holden Racing Team (V8Supercars).
  • Ferrari’s New Action Plan: Commercial-in-Confidence (Memo: Maranello)
    [1]. Luca D and I – Travel to Austria
    [2]. SF make Deitrich M an offer he can’t refuse.
    [3]. SF rebadge RBR with a Prancing Horse.
    [4]. SF tries hard not to screw up a working team environment.
    Signed, Marco Mattiacci (TP, Marlboro Scuderia Ferrari F1)

  • If all fails go and offer the same to Mercedes.

  • Schmorbraten

    Mattiacci said he would do anything necessary to return Ferrari to the front – so obviously they’re going to have Mercedes engines from the Belgian GP onwards.

    The next step to stop Ferrari making a fool of themselves should be getting a cease-and-desist order against Luca Montezemolo to shut up once and for all.

  • NeilM

    Or “Team Principal.”

    I imagine that the team principle at Ferrari is to avoid being ground up and spat out by the company’s notorious politics.