A terrific interview with Lewis Hamilton by Fiona Bruce. Lewis does a terrific job of sharing part of his world and what drives him to continue in Formula 1.

Lewis was very charming and funny and I liked his comment about Nico “conspiring” with an impish smile. ;) Lewis is a great ambassador for the sport and perhaps a shame that he has no interest of being involved in F1 after he retires.

I really enjoyed the interview and brief insight to Lewis’s world.

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    Thanks for sharing this, Todd, I enjoyed it. I’ve followed Lewis since he hit F1. I’ve always admired his driving. It’s nice that he seems to have grown a lot as a person.

  • PR

    A big contrast to his team-mates childhood. Here’s a video of Nico driving Prince Albert around the Monaco circuit whilst interviewing him in fluent English, French and German and pointing out the school he went to.