After 23 years, Mexico looks set to bring Formula 1 racing back to Mexico City’s Autódromo Hermanos Rodriguez. According to Forbes, F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone has secured a deal with entertainment magnate CIE for a multi-year deal that will see F1’s calendar grow to a possible 20 races in 2015.

The race has been organized by former USGP man, Tavo Hellmund, Alejandro Soberon, chief executive of the world’s third largest live entertainment company CIE and Carlos Slim Domit, son of Carlos Slim, the world’s richest man.

An official announcement from CIE is forthcoming when the negotiations are completed but should the calendar bloat to over 20 races, it will require approval from the teams. The downside of growing the calendar is the wear and tear on teams, personnel and the cars but increasing topline revenue is something that does trickle down to the teams at a rate of 63% of total underlying profits and TV money.

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  • Could you cite your 63% source? The percentages I’ve seen are just at/under 50%, of which Ferrari takes 2.5% before column division.