Time can get away from you if you don’t pay it much attention. It seems to sneak up on you and then pop out of the bushes and scream “SURPRISE!” Has it been long since we’ve been recording podcasts? It seems like yesterday that Grace and I were “recording from a cave” or sprinkling our casts with the sound of a crowd behind us to poke fun at 5 Live’s on-site podcast with the sound of people doing the dishes. It’s been that long folks.

On behalf of everyone at, I would like to thank you, the listener, for your support and continued kind words regarding our podcasts. This month we’ve reached our one-millionth download and it is all because of you and the F1B community.

We’ve made some of you laugh, some of you angry, some of you bored, and some of you waste two minutes to determine we were not your cup of tea but regardless, 1,000,000 is a milestone that we’re very proud of. We couldn’t do it without you and are incredibly grateful for all your great reviews on iTunes and support over the last few years.

On a personal note, I’d like to thank all of my colleagues for the thankless work they have put in to F1B. The sacrifice each and every week is asking a lot of them as they all have families, day jobs and hobbies of their own but they continue to always make time for F1B. I would also like to thank those F1B staffers who are no longer with us as they were very instrumental in making this all possible as well.

I am the least valuable and credible person at F1B and it is only the strength, talent and wisdom on my colleagues that make my festering pie hole bearable. I can’t tell you how humbling it is to know that there are people who listen—a lot of you actually—and to be honest, I started all of this as just a silly blog to post my musings back in 2005.

You are all truly amazing people to support us this long and I am grateful, humbled and reminded that although we can disagree, the commonality of humanity is far greater than its diversity. It may be the hot trend to celebrate diversity but I believe we find more truth, decorum and civility through our commonality. A lot has come and gone in F1 since those halcyon days of F1B but we remain committed to the same goal: creating a community and safe harbor for new and veteran fans alike and sharing our opinions with decorum & civility…just like two friends talking F1 at a pub over a pint.

In closing, thank you for all of your support and I look forward to reaching 2 million downloads with all of you.

Kind Regards,

Todd (Negative Camber)

Podcast History:

Our Podcasts started back in 2007 but we didn’t start tracking podcast metrics and counting downloads until 2010. Obviously we’re well over one million but in case you never heard our very first podcast, here is a link to it (I haven’t listened to it since we recorded it, I hope I didn’t say anything bad):

First Podcast at F1B.

Our original header for the website back in 2005:



The first logo:


An F1 fan since 1972, NC has spent over 25 years in the technology industry focusing on technology integration, AV systems integration, digital media strategies, technology planning, consulting, speaking, presenting, sales, content strategy, marketing and brand building.
  • Manuel G

    congrats, really funny how both you and grace sound kind of “shy” in comparison to the latest podcasts. Also kind of interesting how much the sport has changed since 07.

    Keep it up, love the podcast…epic intro since the beginning

    • Thanks mate. Yeah, we didn’t know what the heck we were doing…we still don’t but we just sound more like we do. :)

  • A hearty Congratulations to you! Paul has mentioned how hard you, Todd, work, editing the site/organizing the podcast/culling the talented contributors. False humility is unbecoming, just say it: “I’m Negative Camber, and I kick ass.”

    To all of you at F1B, congratulations, and well done. You have formed and fostered a pretty great community here.

    • Thanks Jeff. You’ll have to trust me on this one, the staff and community of F1B are the true heroes, I’m just riding the coattails. :)

  • Chuck C

    So, Aristarchus?

    Is that because you placed F1 at the center of the known universe? :)

    • Close Chuck, it refers to the other guy…the Grand Critic. :) Aristarchus of Samothrace.

  • Gary Shavit

    Thanks. That was great to hear the 1st podcast from 7 years ago. Gee, I wonder what would have happened if Brawn really had gone to Honda as the rumors had it? But Ross isn’t one of those guys that would be tempted by the money to leave Ferrari. On the other hand, what ever happened to that Nico guy you were talking about?

  • Awesome Todd, I’m so proud to be part of this site…

  • Congratulations to F1B and all the Podcast crew. JF

  • Congrats guys, been a solid listener since….. er, about 2010(ish)

    Got me on the forum, all of them! Now a moderator :D

  • MIE

    A poor bingo score from the first podcast,but good to listen to how it all started.

  • Tom Firth

    Congratulations all :)

  • Congratulations! And may you have a million more!

  • I still think the best podcast was with yourself and Grace in a bar chatting.
    Oh and the one where I won the post of the week. I think I got put on “Grace’s list” that episode too.

    Your whole team deserve a million more downloads, a million more donations, and a million more thanks.

    Keep up the great work NC, Grace, Andy and team.

  • Downforce

    Luv you people and what you do here. You have increased my enjoyment and understanding of F1. Kudos to all of you.

  • What can I say?…. F1B was and continues to be the very best in F1 podcasting.

    • You’re too kind. Thanks Noddy. It’s been a while since we’ve chatted. :)