Join Paul, Mark and me as we discuss the Malaysian Grand Prix. We cover Formula 1’s big day in the hot weather and review each team as they finished. WE chat about Lewis’s terrific run, Vettel’s resurgence, Williams F1 team orders, Daniel Ricciardo’s bad luck…or being Marko’d and we even hand out awards.

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  • Am I spambot….bleep bleep I’M Nico Rosberg I’m a spokes bot shilling on the podium.

    • Sorry I was having trouble lighting in.

  • Rapierman

    1. Nice for that moment of silence for MH-370.

    2. Another strong showing. Hamilton really stomped it In that race, and Rosberg handled it quite well.

    3. While I don’t have any degrees in psychology, the description of Hamilton’s personality may well be termed “manic-depressive”, and he’s on the manic side at the moment.

    4. I’m not sure if the percentages would make any sense. I think the way to go would be bars. The smaller the bar, the lower the percentage of fuel is left.

    5. It seems that RBR made some leaps in there, and I’m wondering if the FIA has it in for Ricciardo and/or RBR….but that’s just my paranoid mind talking.

    6. I personally believe that it’s like punishing a guy twice for the same crime. It runs counter to what I believe in and stand for. I’m starting to think that the FIA has outlived its usefulness.

    7. Alonso vs. Hulkenberg: The next great rivalry. ;-)

    8. I wonder how long it will be before Raikkonen decides to walk off. ;-)

    9. I take my life into my hands every time I get out of bed….and sometimes while I’m asleep. If you take that away from me….you might as well kill me dead. :P

    10. Yanno, if he’s continuing to drive for a mid-pack, pretty soon, that mid-pack is going to become a top team.

    11, This thought about what Massa might have said in the garage cropped up in my head: “I left Ferrari and came to you guys so I could get away from getting team orders, and now YOU DO THIS TO ME!!!???”

    12. So, we’re looking at a consistency problem for Toro Rosso?

    13. Well, a little bit of a recovery….but Lotus still needs work.

    14. Well, on the plus side, at least Caterham FINISHED A RACE. That’s…an improvement…..sort of.

    15. They say that the first thing to go when you get older is your memory….and I forget what the second thing was. :-D

    16. Pass goes to Alonso on Hulkenberg late in the race.

    17. Donkey goes to the Red Bull pit crew. How in the hell do they not get that tire change right and then break the front wing!!??

    18. Drive goes to Hamilton. That guy just stomped it and never looked back.

    19. For Bahrain: Rosberg, Vettel, Hamilton, first out is Gutierrez

  • Interested on what the podcasters took from Malaysia. My thoughts:

    -The teams are getting a handle on the cars. Lotus looked decent. Ferrari racy, although curious why they waited so long to unleash Alonso. FI w/ Hulkenberg at the wheel is showing good long run pace. Williams really a strong contender. Poor, poor Sauber…

    -Lewis beautifully picked up the throttle on his onboards. So smooth and drama free. I guess I don’t give him enough credit. He was untouchable. Was Nico having an off day, and is the Mercedes pace that much greater, or was it Lewis driving out of his skull, and the dogs are catching the rabbit? I’m hoping the latter.

    -Great to see Kobayashi; onboard w/ Grojean, Koby’s car was all over the place, yet he seems to have lost none of his raciness.

    -Some undoubtedly will criticize mid-race fuel management. I like it; less sprint-delta-sprint, and more sprint-conserve/race/conserve/race/conserve-sprint. Managing fuel and ERS harvesting lap by lap whilst attacking defending was exciting to me. I think they need more instantaneous on-screen graphics to explain what’s going on.

    -Great battles throughout. Hulk and Alonso seem joined at the hip. Ricciardo out of the pits v. Alonso great stuff. Pass of the race: Kvaat on Gutierezz, pushing him inside into turn 1, undercutting and throttling up through the apex. Great stuff.

    -I didn’t know the 5-sec stop/go penalties could be served w/ a pit stop, and at any time rather than within 3 laps like a drive through/stop-go. I like this penalty, the driver suffers, but doesn’t end his race. No more post-race decisions please.

    -Lots of gearbox issues both here and in Melbourne. The extra torque making them a lesser mentioned weak link as opposed to ERS?

    -Wow, fireworks at Williams. I feel a Massa should have heeded team orders, but it’s a close call either way. The team handled it poorly with its wording either way. Massa repeated Team Team Team and how much the team respects him during his post-race. Ugly. Contrasts that w/ Mercedes telling Lewis Nico’s situation while turning down his PU. Ego management’s important, particularly w/ sensitive drivers like Felipe and Lewis.

    -FOM’s new TV graphics a welcome addition. After complaining about the lack of info in during Melbourne, the previous gaps bar graph and relative fuel consumption lists are great. We now need a graph of power unit components remaining for each driver, either pre or post-race, from broadcasters.

    -Williams fuel consumption: does the cars’ apparent short-gearing somehow assist consumption? Counter-intuitive to me, but w/ the fuel cap above 10,500rpm, perhaps it’s keeping the engine at peak VE.

    -Lots of marbles off-line; hope that’s due to the heat and track layout rather than a season harbinger.

    -Force India’s car is like a countach, not remotely beautiful, but the combo of curves and severe lines is oddly alluring. The livery helps its specific case.

    -Ferrari in contrast is so ugly it hurts. No balance proportionally. At least the Caterham’s so jarring it’s interesting. Poor Tifosi

    -Renaults, particularly the Torro Rosso’s, sound terrible onboard. Mercedes in contrast sound pretty great, almost Porsche GT3 like. Angry chainsaw. Still too quiet.

    -Tire lockups sound pathetic. Should sound like ripping material, not “eeeep!” Perhaps we should be chastising Pirelli, demanding new compounds to enhance tire noise…

    A great start to the season, with compelling storylines. Drama, team friction, Goliath v. Lazarus, great on track battles, man v. machine, changeable conditions, etc.

    On to Bahrain and the mickey mouse stop and go corners. Expecting a yawn fest, but hoping to be surprised.

    Oh, and the mechanics listen to truly horrible EDM and house after races; just awful

  • Stan

    Here’s how it could have gone down at Williams

    pits: sup?
    massa: drivin’
    pits: man I bet w/ slightly better tires you could pass Button
    pits: brb
    pits: Frank just mumbled something about Val’s tyre freshness
    pits: ftw, we just had a brilliant idea. you give him a crack at Jenson if it doesn’t work he’ll let you back around at the last turn
    massa: sorry can’t hear u over power unit j/k
    massa: pulling over now…

  • Joseph Simmons

    With the upcoming Bahrain GP, it should become apparently clear, that 2014 will become a duel between Red Bull aero development versus Mercedes horsepower. It was reported at the Malaysian GP, Mercedes had a half second advantage down the straights, which should continue at Bahrain. As the season unfolds, Red Bull will probably have an aero advantage at circuits such as Monaco, Japan, Singapore, Brazil, and Hungary. Mercedes horsepower should rein supreme at Monza, Spa, Silverstone, and possibly Montreal. Then the drama of teammates taking points away from one another without one clear number one driver. This will keep Vettel in the championship hunt and close enough to challenge Lewis and Nico in the back half of the year. Historically, Red Bull have done a tremendous job with developing updates which effect race pace after the summer break. My prediction is Abu “double” could decide the season, where the circuit balance between aero and horsepower. Could that sly fox Bernie be proven a genius?

    • Tom

      It would be so ironic if Vettel wins the Championship due to double points…As of yet, I doubt it though. Unless we’ll see more reliability issues like in Australia, I think Mercedes will have walked away by then. Though Abu Dhabi could of course determine which one of the Mercedes drivers will be crowned.

  • Jim

    I know I’m listening to this about a week late but it has to be said..

    The intro you put together was amazing!