Join Grace and me as we discuss the week’s news in Formula 1. We chat about sir Jack Brabham, Ferrari, Papa Newey, Lotus and their new target, Indycar, MotoGP and much more. We hand out awards to people who wear underwear too!


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  • Point of Correction. Bruce McLaren was a New Zealander, not Australian (but we down under are Brothers in Arms).

    • Yes, A Kiwi indeed. Momentary lapse of reason. All Blacks, Neil Finn and McLaren. What was I thinking? That’s different than the Great Southern Land. :)

      • Carl

        Geez I have best be quick around here if I’m to correct anyone ;)

      • Julian

        I wouldn’t worry about it Todd, Kiwis love to be mistaken for Aussies. Next time you meet a Kiwi, make it appear you assume they’re an Aussie and see how they laugh.

  • Natthulal

    Ain’t no Monaco when Pastor doesn’t crash
    This track just ain’t no home anytime he doesn’t crash away

    I know
    I know
    I know

    Podcast @ 40:25

  • Tom Firth

    In answer to Gavin Emmett, He’s with BT’s extensive MotoGP coverage over here now. He does some of the pit reporting and commentary in the practice sessions. BT have tried to create a MotoGP version of Sky’s F1 in terms of level of coverage, although integrated into a sports channel, not a dedicated one.

    We got Ben Spies for COTA round, and a different former rider of WSBK or MotoGP seems to appear as a pundit every race. Enjoyed the podcast, particularly talking about WSBK , season does look good this year.

    If you get a chance in america, I think Velocity show it on a highlight reel but try and catch British Superbike, It’s incredible.

  • Tom Firth

    Ben Spies retiring was sad, and even worse because effectively we now have no idea where the next American in world class motorcycle racing will come from with the nigh death of AMA. Sad times when you look over the history of Motorcycle GP :( Have John “Hopper” Hopkins in BSB again and a couple of americans in WSBK but all are fairly old riders by motorcycle racing standards, Spies was the best chance.

  • Natthulal

    Wear undershirts!!! Finally something to agree on the F1B podcasters. Agree on all counts why one should wear undershirts with everything :)

    • Absolutely! I take a lot of tongue lashing over my trenchant position on this but undershirts are worn with every kind of shirt you wear. At all times. Undershirt=civilization. :)

      • rapierman

        Not where I come from. We save those for winter. It gets damned hot out here. ^_^;;

  • AntioBob

    Sterling Moss pronounces it “Mow-knock-o.” Just listened to him on the most recent MotorSport podcast. He actually pronounced it correctly/commonly and then switched to mow-knock-o… I think to be cute or as some kind of joke. I said “oh, so that’s who they’re making fun of,” meaning you guys. Mystery solved, right? But you’re saying that you don’t have a source for this inside joke? Now I’m pissed… that means this Moss guy is picking on F1B.
    That aint cool dude. English isn’t their first language, give em half a chance before pissing all over their podcast.

    • LOL…Sterling and I share a birthday (Sept 17) so he’s cool with me. Damon Hill also shares that day. :) I bet Damon says Mow-knock-co in those BRDC meetings he goes to. :)

      • Tom Firth

        I think I figured out why I’m a motor racing fan :

        Nico Hulkenberg, Mike Conway, Austin Dobson , Dennis Poore (The founder of “AUTOSPORT”) and Oscar Larrauri all share my birthday.

        • rapierman

          I get Ernie Irvin, Patrick Dempsey, and……Maria de Villota???

          Spooky. O_O!

  • Andreas

    Was listening to the podcast while at the supermarket… Charles Pic for first out made me laugh out loud right there in the bread aisle, getting weird looks from other shoppers. For a second I contemplated trying to explain, but thought better of it :-)

    Re guitar pickups: Areas are from DiMarzio – good ones, although I prefer the Virtual Vintage 54 Pro. And a top tip re soldering: wear pants. Shorts won’t do. I know that first hand :-)

    • Andreas

      Oh, and regarding the Autosport headlines – I completely agree it’s getting a bit too much. Today they had a headline/pseudo-quote from Lotus, saying “Lotus F1 team thinks it might lose Romain Grosjean”. The story was about Romain starting to look interesting to other teams, and the actual quote was “I’m not saying Romain is going, but what I am saying is that here is a driver who was criticised, and now suddenly people are saying he is a driver who could pretty much drive for any team.” Huh?

    • I like the Duncan Antiquities too but they are $350! I draw a line at $250 for pups…seriously. I have three strats and I am taking out two EMG DG20 sets. If anyone wants a killer EMG D20 set, let me know. they are terrific. I just don’t play out any more and they are more than what I wanted for sitting in my office playing. I need just a simple, classic sound.

    • Since he lost his ride, wouldn’t that technically have made him first out for *all* the races this year? So, in a way, Grace was totally correct. And yet not.

      • Ah…but you must start a race to be the first out of it. ;)

  • *Changing F1
    -Congratulations Grace, introducing Mr. hammer to Mr. Nailhead; if F1 focused on revenue production rather than token cost reduction, we wouldn’t see the extent of message kowtowing many rally against. Of course, that means 3 warring factions setting aside personal goals and ceding decision-making power to one another (FIA more, the teams EITHER more or less, at the expense of FOM); we all know how willing a consortium is at giving up perks :D

    -Anthony Davidson shared an insight on driver seating positions during Shanghai FP that I found interesting. He pointed out Schumacher sitting higher in Monaco than other tracks, Michael willing to sacrifice CoG benefits for better visibility out the car. Davidson also contrasted Hamilton higher and Rossberg lower positions v. last year, the compromises each was willing to make.
    Tangential stuff to be sure, but interesting, another avenue for fan investment in the greater show.

    -Monaco is Monaco, little will change due to the regs. It’s a short, narrow, curvy track trying to house way-too-powerful cars w/ no driver error margin; a processional race, driver errors/safety cars, and spectacular mood shots are what should be expected. More torque and less grip 2014 is little different than the ’80’s, or the DFV ’60’s, and truthfully little different than 2013. My one fear would be trundling around a la M. Webber, but fuel thankfully is a nonissue (although ERS power might be.)

    -Todd, If you speak to Paul, would you ask his opinion on where he’d sit? We’re at Beau Rivage into Massenet, before the hotel. I believe it was chosen because of the screen and the view of the casino, and am unsure if this was wise.

    There are some walkable and free sections like Tabac and the chicane, so for Quali at least I’d like to see some other vantage points. I like the direction-change Esses in Austin but also the braking zone entering the hairpin in Montreal; a spot where one can best see car/driver differences is what I’m looking for. If Paul has any advice, I’d appreciate it.

    -RBR catching Merc here is a curious one; it’s true that peak hp differences are negated on the curvy, short streets, but delivery and ERS efficiency will still play large performance roles. I doubt Renault have equalized.

    Merc historically exhibits very good mechanical grip, a necessity in Monaco; IMO downforce is piled on because there’s little drag penalty at the low speeds. RBR have lost the blown diffusor/low speed aero grip advantage; whether it has compensated w/ other aero refinement or better mechanical traction (historically a poor point for RBR) remains to be seen.

    Some have mentioned Merc’s past tire wear issues although it’s looked good so far in 2014. With the supersofts being used for the first time, one wonders whether the issues might again present; at the very least, it gives RBR further incentive to pressure them during the opening stint.

  • Schmorbraten

    Maybe they should change the qualifying rules so that whoever gets pole also gets to decide Maldonado’s place on the grid. What value is there in a pole position grid slot if Maldonado is only 7 places behind you?

  • rapierman

    1. A sign of old age: Famous icons pass on into the next life. RIP “Black Jack”.

    2. Then again, I don’t think it’s finger pointing for Red Bull. Renault really wasn’t up to snuff anyway.

    3. Right on the point, Todd. It’s like a basketball player demanding the ball and then surprised when it hits him in the stomach because he didn’t have his hands up to receive the pass.

    4. Well, it certainly looks like RBR’s gotten its act together.

    5. Why would Adrian Newey go to Ferrari anyway? He’s already doing great at RBR.

    6. …and why would Brawn want to go to Ferrari anyway? He’d get more grief because he’s not totally in control (and should be).

    7. In the end, someone’s spreading rumors just to generate press.

    8. I dunno ’bout you guys, but I don’t think Lotus could even sniff their drivers’ jocks at the moment. Let them get back to the midfield first, then they can start to think about getting toward the front end of the grid.

    9. I think that’s what they call “BS, MS, Ph. D.” Another one for the Matt Bishop Bravado Award.

    10. The only reason that it was equally awesome was both Hamilton and Mercedes (and that engine), but, yeah, maybe we should have different winners.

    11. I’m guessing that F1 shot themselves in the financial foot with those regulation changes.

    12. He who has the gold makes the rules.

    13. You think anyone will do anything (like cost-cutting) just on anybody’s say-so? What world do these people live in?

    14. If they actually felt that bad, then why aren’t they contributing to their small budgets? Yeah, right, lip service from the big guys.

    15. So, Massa likes to be “Captain Obvious”, eh?

    16. I’d rather be very close to the finish line, if not Saint Devote.

    17. Would there even be a boat THAT close to the circuit?

    18. Why not Turn 1 or Turn 12 at CotA?

    19. Hi. NASCAR fan here. :-D

    20. Unlike me, who knows NASCAR like the back of my hand……wait….I don’t remember seeing that on my hand. :-O

    21. Props to IndyCar….in a left-handed sort of way….

    22. Nah, one of the guys on the forums is a big motorcycle fan.

    23. That sounds more like “better living through chemistry”.

    24. No, really, the point of t-shirts is to stay warm during the winter…

    25. Okay, maybe I’m screwball, but why are we discussing people’s underwear?

    26. Well, isn’t it one of the duties of the second driver to push the primary driver?

    27. That sounds more “neurosis” than “domination”.

    28. Hamilton, Rosberg, Ricciardo, FO Maldonado

    29. Williams is like the Chicago Cubs of Formula 1.

    30. Lemme guess: Grace trying to guess the pronunciation of someone’s name is like being three sheets to the wind.

  • After going to seven races at COTA, I’ve found that there is a best seat in the house. The far right row at or near the top of Turn 15 grandstand. You can see almost the whole track. I haven’t sat there for F1, too expensive, but the sportscar races treat the grandstands like GA. To your right, you can see from the approach to T1, through the esses to about T9. And then from T11 down the back straight into T12 through T16. You have to be as close to end of the grandstand as possible though, or you view of T1 through T4 will be blocked. Plus, the permanent seats are much more comfortable than the steal bleachers.

    • Is there a place for Grace’s Yacht? :)

      • rapierman

        Not in this drought. :-P

      • Tom Firth

        I really enjoyed Grace’s response to moneys no object and your reaction Todd. She’s right though, If money wasn’t an option, a yacht in the harbour would be the best way to view the race.

        You could park it next to Eddie Irvine’s,sure he has one. Used too as ITV made a point of telling us every year and have signs reminding him of 1999 the whole race ;-)

        Personally I would go for Tabac.

  • eggo_man

    Go Pacers!

    P.S. I sat at turn 9 for the first F1 race in Austin and then at turn 15 for last year’s race. They have their pros and cons. Sun was more in my face in turn 9, but you could see them coming out of the esses and heading down to turn 11. Turn 15 is a more convenient location, with food and team shops real close. I could see the screen better in turn 15. My ideal place to watch the race is the observation tower with a fanvision.

    I went to all the F1 races in Indy and maybe I’ve been spoiled, but why are there no drinking fountains at COTA!?

    • rapierman

      1. Commercialism.

      2. Drought.

    • zzyzxx

      There are at least two drinking fountains that I know of. The permanent bathrooms at T1 and T15 both have them. T1 are easy to find, but T15 is kind of hidden at the back. There are probably some by the main grandstand too, but I’ve never sat there (worst seats at COTA?). I think that there was one outside of the paddock building too, not sure though. That one only really applies during the sports car races.

      • eggo_man

        Nice! I’m going hunting for it this year. The first year I asked the track employees/volunteers where the drinking fountains were, and they literally laughed at me. I should have asked last year.

        I hope COTA builds more permanent structures (bathrooms, food, etc.) to improve the experience of going to the track. I wasn’t a huge fan of the layout of the F1 track at Indy, but it was a better overall experience given how the speedway manages the big crowds.

  • Indycar Hondas sound better than F1 power units, circa 2014. While this may be true, it smacks of Merry and Pippin going on about being the tallest hobbits in Middle-earth. They were still just four-foot-six

    Seating at Monaco…….. I think the ideal spot to watch (at least for a few tours) would have to be inside the tunnel. That’s been a dream of mine since I was a kid. I mean, everyone knows that pretty much all cars sound cool in tunnels, and there is no more famous tunnel in motor racing. But I don’t think there’s any spectating allowed in there, media only. Absent that, I’d think the Piscine would be best; F1 cars change direction like no other machines on wheels, and the swimming pool showcases that like few other bits of track on the calendar.

  • Julian

    Thanks for the POTW Grace. Honored