Join Grace and me as we discuss cats, wine, road cars, weddings, and a little bit of Formula 1 toward the end of the podcast for good measure. I mean why not? It is a F1 podcast right?


Fashion award winners here.

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  • Chuck C

    So, yeah, F1, but was that one phenomenal race for the lead in the MotoGP race or what? I thought Lorenzo was going to sneak past him at the end.

    Actually, I thought they were going to take each other out several times. How Marquez doesn’t have Lorenzo’s tire marks on his shoulder is beyond me.

    • It was terrific!! I was so hoping my man Jorge could pull it off and make it somewhat interesting this year. Very close!

  • SpannersReady

    In case you didn’t know …. Stevenage is a proper dump. Btw

    • LOL…I’ll take your word for it. Although John Surtees lived there when he was starting in his motorcycle career. :) Andy (Frantic) says Stoke is a dump and another friend said Slough was a dump. How many dumps are over there? :)

      • jonnowoody

        We do dumps well, I can only imagine the dash to re-create suburban America is at the root of it.
        I’m surprised that you can’t get a commemorative tin of Scottish shortbread with a ‘Dumps of Easterhouse, Edinburg,” motif.

  • SpannersReady

    Dude. Lots. I promise you that a quick drive around Stevenage and an hour in the town centre would convince you. Slough is also a dump. Stoke is in the North and basically everything north of Cambridge is a dump. Sussex is nice.

    • Tom Firth

      Hey the Yorkshire countryside is nice, well quiet. York is nice and far north of Cambridge.

    • According to SportsPro magazine. :) I think there are other more marketable folks out there in the world of sport but that’s just my opinion. However, your point is very well aimed and it shows that good, bad and edgy gets attention. His teammate is relatively quiet and has very little coverage. If he were more vocal and even edgy, he’d be in the news a lot. It’s a personal thing, I’m not a big self promoter (obviously, look at F1B…it’s not monetized), so I tend to steer away from things that are generally bigging themselves up through cheeky media manipulation. That’s not what Lewis is doing but he knows an edgy comment here or there can create headlines. he is professionally managed and has a PR team working on his behalf. :)

  • Grace: Busted. So embarrassed, being caught using meaningless power phrases. I do it more and more now, as I become less relevant creatively and transition into managerial Hell. Good thing is, I’m too expensive to keep and too menial to have earned a golden parachute, so I’ll just be redacted some day soon. Hooray!

    Note too, I usually listen to the podcast @ the gym, today in office; if any of my team was in here during your shout out, I would have packed my crap and slinked out in shame.

  • jonnowoody

    Oh you guys!
    I’ve got to thank you for all the time and effort that you all put in to this thing.

    If you could have seen me, sad, lonely git walking the dog through the dark English woods, joining in the conversation with you at that hypothetical bar, the woodland creatures scampering as I scream to my iPod ” Really Grace, Honda buy in to McLaren? Does the sight of the Pool-boy getting out of his flaming Earth Car on the last lap at Interlagos ’09 not touch you a little?”
    Pure gold. Thanks again, (and cat training tips too…..I must get a cat.)

    • No…thank you for listening, mate. It is all down to the terrific folks who listen each week and we are very grateful for your patronage and support on the website. :)

  • rapierman

    1. So, it was Murder 2?

    2. Getting away with something. Gee, that sounds like NASCAR. Guess we’re not so different after all. ;-)

    3. Well, we ask for something respectful, not some guy who likes to shoot himself in the foot.

    4. Re: Hamilton v. Rosberg: I’d volunteer to be Niki, but I don’t have the accent. ;-)

    5. Taking out your teammate? No, that’s what I call “Attempted Murder”.

    6. Better title: “Formula 1’s Worst Personalities”

    7. “Hello, my name is Kimi Raikkonen, and I am an alcoholic.” “Hi, Kimi!”

    8. For Fernando, it’s more like “What have you done for me lately?”

    9. Reasonable assumption, though. Who really would have expected Honda to buy a stake into McLaren? I would think that Honda would concentrate on the engine before it decided if it was worth their time to get into the game.

    10. Does McLaren really know how to make an engine?

    11. I’m pretty sure that Tony was lying when he said that Caterham wasn’t for sale.

    12. Yeah, Tony’s going to sell. No doubt about it.

    13. So, the cat has already taken over. Who’s the master now?

    14. That’s not the Gene Haas way.

    15. Why not? Minardi went by the wayside. No such thing as permanency.

    16. Well, that also sounds like NASCAR, given its roots.

    17. Holy cow! Grace without a shout-out? When did she turn into Charlsley?

    18. Nice haul for that hospital.

    19. Yeah, that’s that “Come to Jesus” meeting thing. Dust off your resume’ when you hear that.

    20. I lack that vertical clarity, but that’s because I’m short. >rimshot<

    21. Rule #1: Don't diss your people. Remember where you came from.

    22. Hamilton, Rosberg, Ricciardo. First Out, Raikkonen

    • Chuck C

      “10. Does McLaren really know how to make an engine?”

      Absolutely. They make the beast in the McLaren 12C.

      • Schmorbraten

        They designed it, but production is outsourced.

        • Tom Firth

          The ancestry of it dates back to the Nissan RC90 in some small ways however Ricardo actually produce it as Schmorbraten says.

          • Tom Firth

            Typo R390.

  • Schmorbraten

    Grace, have you really tied a bell to your cat? I beg you to rethink that … I’m no expert, but I think a cat surely hates that – one of the defining features of cats is that they can sneak around very, very quietly. Of course we’re talking about domesticated animals, but if an out-door cat had to cater for food by herself, a bell necklace would assure soon starvation. Over the last 30 or so years, I’ve had cats for around 20 years, and this seems completely unnatural to me.

    If she (or he?) is fine with it, good – but as soon as there is any strange or unwanted behavior (like pooing in places she’s not supposed to, having a wee on the carpet, being too aggressive or any other signs of being pi**ed off), this would be the first change I’d recommend.

  • This gentleman is shocked – shocked! – that a discussion about worst driver personalities never once even veered in the direction of Nigel Mansell. That would be like making a list of the most obnoxious turd muffins and omitting Donald Trump.

    • LOL…for some reason Nige just didn’t pop in my mind at that moment but clearly should have been at the top of the list. :)

  • Ground Effect

    First of all everyone should be watching Halt and Catch Fire on AMC. PC development in the 80s was a lot like F1 car development in the 60s… anything was worth trying and if carnage was left in your wake… we still love the smell of napalm in the morning.

    So the week before the British GP Nico Rosberg should take his Mercedes F1 car down to Stevenage and do some drifting around the Town’s numerous roundabouts.