Join Grace and me as we discuss McLaren’s big idea, Pirelli’s 18″ tire, Nico’s nationality, and how Caterham lives debt-free “with this one weird trick”.


Fashion here, here and here.

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  • pear-shaped pete

    Does the Tour get decent coverage in the states?

    Keke plays FronK wedding planner (quite a conflict of interest if Nico is getting married!)
    Mika as maître d
    Helmut Marko and Niki Lauda – wait staff
    Berger – cloakroom clerk

    Perhaps the start is exciting ( you move from not racing – [waiting – Steve McQeen] to racing) in the same way the takeoff is exciting part of a flight; doesn’t make sense to have extra takeoffs though? extra standing starts would also mean delays as crews fit new tyres etc. All in all a terrible idea.

    pear-shaped pete

    • I like JV as mime. :)

      • MIE

        A quality he shares with Nigel Mansell, best if you don’t hear him speak.

        • pear-shaped pete

          At Sebastian Vettel’s wedding the vocal instructions will come from Rocky the – priest/celebrant ” OK Sebastian, repeat after me”

          Adrian Newey would draw the guest place cards (by hand). At the tables guests would find there was 12 cards on a table meant for ten. One lady guest comments “it works well but some are getting overheated and boy are we tightly packaged here.”

          Helmut Marko plays father of the groom, leaving Norbert Vettel as reserve father of the groom.

          Mark Webber plays the “embarrassing uncle who delivers an inappropriate speech”

          The bride’s garter belt lands on Daniel Ricciardo’s head after a bad throw, still he continues grinning.

          pear-shaped pete

          • The drivers seat

            Brilliant! Hope I get an invite

  • Oily Bo Hunk

    Has there ever been a F1B staff fashion award? A picture from at anytime in your life, when you look at it, makes you cringe and laugh at the same time?
    Whether it’s cat t-shirts, crocs, or tube socks. Let’s see how the F1B staff stacks up against a Michael Schumacher all white outfit or Jarno Truli at Renault hairstyle.

    • Every picture of me is fashion award worthy. That’s how I roll…tacky.

      • MIE

        Didn’t Ricardo Charselini win one a few years ago for a picture from his punk days?

        Andy has barred me from mentioning his picture.

        • He did indeed. Those were the halcyon days…or Grey Days.

  • eram

    Good Day, My Name is Dr Craig Venter and i would like to offer you $40 for Paul Charsley’s medical files. My plan is to Clone Paul and enter a cloned racing team into F1 by 2016.

    • LOL…I think the world only needs one Paul Charsley. He’s a bit of a handful. ;)

    • The drivers seat

      Talk about interteam rivalry! We’d all have each other off in the first turn

  • The start and first couple laps happen, by default, every race. It is the only exciting bit of motor racing that’s guaranteed to occur at every event. But this idea of standing re-starts is beyond horrible. It is objectively stupid. There generally isn’t the risk of 3-4 car accidents on lap 19 or whatever, nor is that really a risk on flying re-starts as the field tends to be more spread out. But packing up the field and re-gridding them opens up that risk to happen every time there’s what we now call a Safety Car period. How Whiting can say it’s not a safety concern is complete facepalm fodder.

    The Brits have a word for people who produce this sort of skull flatulence. Numpty. Whoever thought this up is a numpty.

  • Oh, and another thing…………. given the turmoil that Lewis has been experiencing in his off-track life – what with the on-off nature of his relationship with Pussycat McHotzinger and so on – and also given how overt Lewis has been in his attempts to try and play stupid mind games with his team mate…….. don’t you think Rosberg going out and getting married *mid-season* is just the kind of thing that would send Lewis into a complete tizzy? I don’t necessarily mean that Nico planned the wedding specifically to mess with Lewis, but I do think it’s a likely unintended consequence.

  • Rapierman

    1. Oh, hell no, that’s the lucky couple doing a tango.

    2. That’s right, IndyCar has rolling restarts, and so does NASCAR.

    3. Really, Grace? Do we let Uncle Sam get away with “it’s been approved”? Do you think my union would let them get away with that?

    4. Memo to FIA: Shut your mouth. You’re better off being seen and not being heard.

    5. Not just 18-inch tires, but 18-inch LOW PROFILE tires.

    6. Well, wider contact patch, and much more stable….yeah, I could go with the new tires; and they’re already road-relevant! There are many passenger cars that are going the low-profile route.

    7. ….and the first victim was Alex Rossi (Hello! Haas opportunity!)

    8. They steal medical records because some folks don’t think any further than three inches from their nose and three seconds from the now.

    9. Yeah, that goes right up there with the claim that President Barack Obama is not American. :-P

    10. I recall that there was this NASCAR race where a guy was spinning up and ended up whacking the hell out of a concrete barrier in the infield as he rebounded back across the track, stopping on the outside and then having other cars light the spilled gasoline on fire. Took two hours to replace that piece of barrier.

    11. Rosberg, Ricciardo, Vettel. First out: Massa

  • &y

    Last three podcasts have seemed, to me, excessively hostile to the tech side of the sport. I get that you, Grace, Mark, and Paul don’t understand/care about things like CFD floating point operations, fuel flow sensors, tire diameters, or FRIC… but you don’t have to dump all over it.

    Friendly suggestion–add someone with technical competence to the F1B staff. You have a pro driver (Paul), a regulations nerd (Mark), a fan/newsie/fashionista (Grace), and a curmudgeonly fan (Todd). Add someone who enjoys the materials, technology, and machinery. There are amateur “Matchetts.” I doubt I am the only person who prefers F1 to other forms of racing because the tech is sweeter. Cater to our interests, don’t mock them.

    • The tech is great! No question about it. I don’t think we’re against technology (that’s my day job after all). I think we’re just frustrated with the balance and if I am honest, I don’t think we’re alone in that. Even Adrian Newey is bowing out over the balance of restriction, technology and racing etc. When you take the components individually, they are very impressive and technology has always been a part of F1 as it has made racing, generally speaking, better and the cars faster. We are now struggling with constructs via technology that aren’t really helping the sport and in fact, it may be hurting the racing. I think that’s the frustration you’re sensing. As a word of caution, you may not want to listen to our upcoming rantcast. :)

      As for technical people. Paul is actually very technical as well and works with guys who built F1 cars and know all the players. Our podcast was created all those years ago with the idea of it being two friends, having a beer and chatting about F1. We also have new and veteran listeners and we want to find a balance to appeal to both camps without patronizing either. It’s not easy so thanks for your feedback.

  • SpannersReady

    Even you guys will have to praise Hamilton after the German GP. When Vettel pulled his dominant Red Bull from the back of the pack you guys gushed. I can’t wait to hear the Lewis gushing

    • “even you guys”? I am not sure where that comes from but Lewis was my drive of the race. Bottas had a terrific race too.

  • James Gomes

    When Sutil spun and his car stood still for two laps in the middle of the track, why there was no safety car deployed. I think there is a clear conspiracy going in favor of a driver, whereas his team mate is getting almost no concentration from the team.