Join Paul and me as we review the exciting Hungarian Grand Prix. We cover each team as they finished and offer our awards of the race.

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  • Rapierman

    1. ….and that’s where I would prefer a real brake instead of a computer brake.

    2. Ferrari suffers “brain fart”. Film at 11.

    3. Lewis’ car was a crispy critter after all that. That was a serous run of bad luck.

    4. Kvyat becomes a pinball.

    5. Surprise! No rain for qualifying.

    6. One up and one down. I think Ricciardo’s going to be around for a long time. Not so sure about Vettel, though, especially when he spins. He’s lucky he didn’t hit the wall.

    7. True, that’s a mental error, but that’s only one so far.

    8. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Alonso at or near the front. Nicely done. I didn’t expect do as well as he did.

    9. Lewis had a great run this race. Got him third.

    10. Bad call by Merc to ask Hamilton to move over for Rosberg when he’s so far back anyway.

    11. When Vettel did that, not only was it the wrong time and place, it was almost dangerous. He almost crashed out Webber!

    12. That’s a race that nobody’s going to forget.

    13. Nice result for Massa, but was part of it the luck produced by the rain?

    14. That was a big improvement for Vergne. Will it stick, though?

    15. McLaren’s still going backwards and can’t seem to get it right.

    16. “Software glitch” = “We screwed up big time”.

    17. Good news for Rossi, bad news for Haas.

    18. ….and then they filed a lawsuit. Goes to show that you just can’t just make moves left, right and center.

    19. Pass goes to Ricciardo, first on Hamilton, and then on Alonso, late in the race.

    20. Donkey of the race: McLaren for the nearly unsafe release of Button.

    21. Bernie makes the ideal spokesperson for the anti-DWI campaign.

    22. Drive is a tie between Ricciardo, Alonso and Hamilton. They all drove great races for different reasons.

    23. Well, I still have baseball, football preseason is about to start….oh, right, that rantcast! I’ll have some comments myself. ;-)

    • Ground Effect

      “1. ….and that’s where I would prefer a real brake instead of a computer brake.”

      I listened to a recent Motorsport podcast and enjoyed the technical discussions especially about torque. So the guest stated that they can deliver torque much closer to target than in the past and so I assume the significant issues coming off corners early in the year were mainly due to driver input on the torque pedal in a car that has a lot more torque and a lot less downforce, especially at the rear without the big blown diffusers. This has gotten better as the year has progressed with drivers learning the new limits. There are exceptions of it getting better like at Hungry where that fake grass strip outside of the exit on the last corner catching several drivers but that likely was loss of traction due to running surface change and not uneven torque. I suspect early on there might have been some unexpected/uneven application of the MGU-K torque by the electronics but that does not seem to be a continuing problem that MGU-K braking seems to be. I wished someone had asked about brake by wire that still seems to be a big problem for many teams in the braking zones with the unexpected/uneven application of MGU-K braking combined with traditional mechanical braking. Perhaps the application of MGU-K torque is a lot easier to allocate and blend with the engine torque than is the application of MGU-K braking and blending it with the mechanical brakes. Since energy harvesting is limited with the MGU-K I wonder if some teams are more efficient and at the limits of energy harvesting for most/all circuits already and so can focus on driveability while other teams are still looking to get to maximum energy harvest and still have not fine tuned their driveability issues under braking.

      “17. Good news for Rossi, bad news for Haas.”

      Maybe not… Marussia has Ferrari PU… Haas is now Ferrari sponsor and at least rumored to have Ferrari PU in 2016… Perhaps Haas is parking Rossi at Marussia where he can work with Ferrari PU until 2016?

  • AlanMiller

    Great podcast as always. Good to hear your opinions of Vettel’s poor performance in the first half. Sometimes sports figures have bad years, but I think he’ll do better in the second half especially with tracks he’s performed well on. Especially with Singapore and Japan, however he won’t be able to rely on India.

    • Not to simplify it too much but I think Seb is just having a bad year. It happens. :)

      • Ground Effect

        .. or a car just not to his liking/style of driving. Would be interesting to go back and see what the Toro Rosso and BMW F1 cars he drove handled like versus this new car. Ricciardo seems to like the new car and maybe not so much the previous years Toro Rosso car where his performance was up and down as I recall.

  • quiq

    Great stuff guys, but there’s one particular sign that needs to be displayed at every single race until the end of the season — Niki says, “This is total bullshit” ;))

  • It has pained me to miss the last two podcasts because the lake I’m lounging at has no mobile coverage and incredibly poor Internet connectivity. Instead of talking with Todd and Paul, I’ve just shouted observations at the Loons on the lake. They seem indifferent to my opinions. I am very much looking forward to regrouping with my two F1 compatriots for our #F1RantCast

    • The Captain

      I’m trying to fell pity for you, but the city jackhammers in front of my house the last three mornings is making me bit jealous of your predicament. Can’t wait for the RantCast!!!!

    • Rapierman

      We need multiple reader #F1RantCasts as well, I suspect. ;-)

  • the difference with Multi-21 is that the team had Mark turn down his engine and Vettel took advantage of that.

    also, Lewis clearly said over the radio that if Nico could catch him then he could pass.

    As you well know, I’m no Lewis fan… and am a Nico fan… Lewis was clearly in the right. He didn’t ignore the team order he simply refused to slow down for the team order to happen. It was all on Nico not being able to get within DRS.

  • charlie w

    I never figured Paul to be a vinyl enthusiast-good for him! This whole team orders incident just makes Mercedes-Benz/AMG team look completely amateurish and poorly managed. They have 100+ points lead in constructors’ championship over 2nd place RedBull. Do they really need to maximize points right now? By the way, I watched the Lamborghini Blancpain series on streaming and Paul’s right-it’s bad. When are we going to have a Google+ plus Hangout?

  • MIE

    What impressed me about Hamilton’s pass on Vergne was that he kept all four wheels on the track, unlike Grosjean’s similar move last year.

    Also, although Rosberg didn’t manage to pass Hamilton around the outside of turn two, it is possible despite what Paul said (just ask Ricciardo).

    Eleven races in and we still haven’t seen one Mercedes driver make a pass stick on the other. I can see this going to the final round, I just hope that the champion isn’t decided by double points.

    • Chuck C

      “Eleven races in and we still haven’t seen one Mercedes driver make a pass stick on the other. I can see this going to the final round, I just hope that the champion isn’t decided by double points.”

      Unless it allows Ricciardo to win — that would just make me laugh.

      Pretty amazing when you think about it: the podium for this race consisted of a Ferrari (which belongs nowhere near a podium), a Red Bull (the #2, 1st-year driver with the 4-time Wold Champ as his teammate), and the guy who not only started from the pit lane, but did so behind someone AND spun his car on Lap 1. They all get Drive of the Race.

      You know, from what I have seen this season, I’d go so far to say that Daniel will end his career as the 2nd best Aussie F1 driver ever. He’d still have to go a ways to beat Sir Jack (although he’ll almost certainly end with more total wins).

  • Best race of the year, bar none, in a season that has had several really enjoyable races.

    Todd, I will take you task a little bit about comparing Hamilton ignoring team orders in Hungary to ‘Multi 2-1′ in Malaysia last year. First, Multi 2-1 was more of a team strategy that was agreed prior to the race; whatever the running order is after the last round of pitstops is how you will finish the race. (Similar to the longtime policy that Ferrari ran, and which Didier Pironi famously ignored at Imola in 1982) Therefore, the Multi 2-1 radio call was simply reminding the drivers of that. So Vettel knew going into the race that there was a possibility (if not a likelihood) that the call might come Multi 2-1 and not Multi 1-2. My guess, although I can’t confirm it, is that it was a standing order that was not unique to Malaysia. Second, since the call came after the last stops the drivers’ strategies had played out, and they were the only two in the reckoning. (Let’s not forget Mercedes issued a similar order in that race to consolidate the P3 and P4 finishes) Third, altho he would likely never admit it, Mark Webber was never really a title rival for Vettel. Also, Multi 2-1 was an order to hold station, not actively cede a position. Lastly, the idea of Rosberg on a 3-stopper coming up on Hamilton on a 2-stopper was probably discussed in the context of Rosberg defending the lead of the race and Hamilton scraping to get into the upper points positions.

    Contrast that with Hungary: None of the Multi 2-1 factors really apply, and as it happened the two Merc drivers ended up both being the running for the win.

    Mercedes never should have made the call to Hamilton in the first place.

    • the drivers seat

      “The call” didn’t come after the last stops, Nico still had 1 to go

  • That’s my point; when I say “the call came after the last stops” I’m referring to Multi 2-1, not Ham-berg. The fact that ‘the call’ in Hungary came when Nico still had a stop to make and his strategy hadn’t played out is one of the reasons I think it was inappropriate for Merc to even issue the call in the first place.

    It would have been one thing if Nico was defending a lead and Hamster was still clawing through the field. But circumstances had shaken up so much that they were two of four drivers contending for the win.

  • The drivers seat

    Fully agree, sorry for misunderstanding. I don’t agree withTodd about multi 21 . But I think we all do on the merc call “total bullshit!”

  • Julian

    I thought that Rosberg sitting so far behind Hamilton, whining for him to let him past was kind of odd. One thing is for sure, if the roles had been reversed, Hamilton would have been all over the back of Rosberg and probably would have made the pass. The team order is a distraction, why didn’t Rosberg try to overtake?

    I do wonder how the summer break will effect Rosberg, this race seemed to really hurt him in the post race interview. We are used to seeing Lewis sulk like that after a race, but we also know he gets over it quickly; the disappointment of Hamilton beating him after starting from the pit lane could play on his mind. He must be thinking that if Lewis had not had so many technical failures he would be leading the championship.

    There’s definitely a lot more of this battle to play out in the 2nd half of the season, can’t wait for Spa

  • Your podcast saved me from murdering UA flight attendants.

    * Todd, obviously not F1 ERS brakes, but try sampling a Prius or a Fusion Energi (or Tesla, if around your neck of the woods). Both harvest their front axles, and feel pretty “weird.” I’m sure other brake-by-wire and recovery road car brakes are similar, but haven’t tried them. I’d bet designers will improve the linearity and force-feedback like some have with electric power steering, but neither is “there” yet. Interesting pre-podcast discussion.

    *Paul, Merc’s big wing w/ high AoA flat, the big monkeyseat/dual pylon support etc. pointed to a high-downforce/high-drag setup; likely the reason they were slow on the straights and unable to pass as normal. Makes sense on Rosberg, being at the front and with rain threatening, but I was surprised they didn’t streamline Hamilton. Maybe finite parts for chassis #3.

    *Hamilton’s “shift past the beeps” radio call was fascinating; being told to rev the motor past optimum efficiency must have meant a problem, but I haven’t read anything on it. Sky commentary guessed gearbox, which makes sense, as does a recovery issue.

    *Ricciardo looks more and more a potential Champion. Sure he’s talented, as many others are; its his completeness that’s impressing me. I agree with you guys highlighting his composure under pressure, command of race dynamics, and add an easy grace/command of the media and fans as positives. All the plaudits well deserved in his case.