You know, Formula 1’s summer break is always a challenge with everyone on holiday but I wasn’t expecting the entire F1B staff to take it quite this literal. Yes, at the risk of losing every listener we have, I’ve decided to do a one-man show in order to explore the philosophical notion of the sound of one hand clapping. I think you’ll agree that it achieves the dull, mind-numbing results that the philosophy of one hand clapping achieves too.

Regardless, a “best of” or “throwback” episode seemed to be somewhat patronizing to an audience as terrific as you all are so I thought I would really offend you by giving you more of what you don’t want…me.  My apologies up front for completely failing to meet your expectations this week. Hey, come to think of it…for all of you who really hate how long our casts are and have asked for a shorter podcast, here is your gift…so called. ;)

Here is the video of the Flavio reference I make in the podcast.

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  • the drivers seat

    didn’t you hear me ringing the doorbell? I even threw rocks at your window

    • You need to sleep it off, mate. Too much 80’s Brit pop concert-going can make you oddly incoherent. ;)

      • Tom Firth

        LOL, my Italian long lost relative is so much better than me ;) He works for Ferrari man :)

      • the drivers seat

        isn’t that what it’s all about?

        • the drivers seat

          at least that’s what greg cramer tells me, he was free btw

  • rapierman

    1. It’s great that Melbourne re-upped their contract. Personally, I don’t know if there is any place outside of Albert Park.

    2. Yes, Ferrari is definitely sucking mightily, but it didn’t really go bad until this year. However, I’m wondering how far this firing and reshuffling’s going to go.

    3. I’m still treating the Pat Fry rumor as strictly rumor….but I’m keeping an eye on that.

    4. Vettel to Mercedes? Seriously? Who actually believes that rumor? It just doesn’t make sense. Marko’s talking through his hat, and I agree with that “F1 elderly fan” that it’s false.

    5. Why would anyone bring Flavio back? Seriously?

    6. Answer: No. Thank God that Bernie came to his senses (probably the rare time that he does.)

    7. Certainly, we don’t know. “Crashgate” should have shown this.

    8. Well, Briatore seems a little “excitable”. ;-)

    9. I can understand why they think that Button is getting a little-long in the tooth. Is Button really worth a long-term commitment at this point?

    10. Well, if it’s not Hulkenberg, Bottas would be acceptable.

    11. Well, it would be nice if McLaren actually does improve, but there you are.

    12. …..and then he got his wish with $100 million, without any admission of guilt or any sort of conviction.

    13. Well, don’t we normally call it a “plea bargain”?

    14. Don’t worry, you did just fine. I did the best I could on my end. ;-)

    • Ref [1]… “any other place” as in….. any another Formula 1 grade circuit… or any other place cleared of gumtrees, kangaroo mobs, spinifex and Taipan snakes????

      ??? Paul…. Australia — it’s a South Pacific island, yes… but a whole continent in itself. 98% of US Continental land area to be more precise. We have other F1 track locations to think about.

      Reminds me of a funny story: An American Airlines 747 flight coming in to Sydney a long while back, radioed to Australian ATC for permission to “Land on your little Island”… to which Sydney Air Traffic Control’s response was “Yes…. but first you have to do two circuits of our Island, then land.” Less cheek from AA crew after that.

      • rapierman

        Hey, did you really expect me to know the ins and outs of the whole island continent? I’m lucky enough to know about Sydney, Melbourne and Surfer’s Paradise. Yes, another place that could be considered for a Formula 1 track.

  • Excellent show. You were like the Vin Scully of F1.

  • Brisvegas

    Move the Aussie gp to Brisbane because I live there and Melbourne already has so much, it’s kinda unfair

    • I had an email from an Australian bloke who said Surfer’s Paradise. Hmmm.

      • Tom Firth

        I wish …..

      • rapierman

        I remember Surfer’s Paradise. It was an IndyCar street course as I recall. I wouldn’t be too adverse to it, provide they lengthened it and added a few turns.

        • jiji the cat

          Adelaide, Surfers for me is closer, but i think Adelaide ran rings around Surfers.

    • pear-shaped pete

      hardly compelling reasons – sorry… get yourself to Melbourne for a few fine days!

      pear-shaped pete

      ps I don’t believe there is a credible alternative,
      Adelaide is happy enough with their Clipsal, Sydney hasn’t a venue,
      Gold Coast / Surfers isn’t right for f1 – circuit would be a giant bottleneck, Think Detroit.
      Although any Aussie city would sell a few tickets to see Dan the Man race!

  • Julian

    Enjoyed the podcast Todd, although you may want to rethink using the phrase ‘hours of by myself enjoyment’

  • For some strange reason, I kept having this image of you listening to Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” in preparing this podcast; especially the tracks Empty Spaces, Is there anybody out there, Nobody home, and the Show must go on! Just like Roger Waters needs David Gilmour; you need Grace, Mark, and Paul!

    Good read the Perry McCarthy article!
    What do Ron Dennis and Bernie have in common? 100 million dollars
    Money on Alonso reuniting with McLaren in 2015; due to the 3rd place or better clause in his contract

    Can’t wait for the Rantcast

  • Chuck C

    Man, that was like a really long version of Sector 3!

    When was the last time you were the only one on the podcast, Todd? I can’t recall any in the 200-ish episodes I’ve been listening for.

    • This the the very first podcast that was solo. There has never been an episode that didn’t have me and one of the co-hosts. This is an all-time first. :) I reckon you will all forgive me for one in 379 average. :)

      • jonnowoody

        Not good – great value, mate. Grace’s turn next.

  • jcm

    i don’t think anyone’s complaining about the podcast. if you’re like me (and i know i am), you’re beginning to feel a bit stressed by the break. you may be suffering from f1 withdrawal.

    look for these warning signs…

    10 signs you’re suffering f1 withdrawal:

    10. you run past your gf to get to the loo first
    9. when walking behind an old lady you pull off a blue sock and start waving it furiously.
    8. you start referring to the stairwell in your building as an ‘elevation change’.
    7. you text your gf asking her to come home with the message, ‘box, box, box…’
    6. you don your fire-retardent underwear to cook bacon.
    5. you let your gf eat all the bacon cuz a kilo of bacon costs you a tenth of a second.
    4. while pushing around your grocery cart, you late brake turning into the produce aisle.
    3. you name the corners in your hallway.
    2. when feeling tired and under-powered, you reset the software on your iPhone.
    1. you check your shoes for deg.

    when your gf is whining and complaining because you did something wrong, you keep picturing felipe massa’s head on her shoulders…