Join Grace and me as we discuss the news of the week including Ferrari’s disgruntled engine man, ways Max would fix F1, a young guy named Max, McLaren’s bruised egos and a dash of MotoGP for good measure. Awards and more.

Fashion award winner Vijay Mallya:

Vijay Mallya


I know…this haircut makes you go:

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  • Andreas

    Again the hint that the site name might be in jeopardy. You’d think FOM would actually welcome people talking about the product they provide, keeping the interest up. But I suppose they’re far too busy buying their way out of court cases and lending the brand to those that pay (such as the Bahraini regime, with that “UniF1ed” campaign)… If it comes to that, and if you guys think it would be helpful (I’m well aware that sometimes it’s better to sit still and not rock the boat), let us know where we can voice our displeasure. I’d be more than happy to write a personal letter to whoever it may concern, explaining how F1B is beneficial to F1 – at least part of why I watch the races these days is to take part in the discussion afterwards, or because of discussions we’ve already had here. Not that it would matter much, probably, but at least it’s something. Again, I would wait for the ok from you, since it’s not always helpful when others not directly involved in the discussion butts in :-)

    I can’t comment on the suit choices of the NBC staff, but that hairdo on Vijay Mallya is definitely something else…

    • Thanks for the support, mate. It means a lot to all of us.

  • Rapierman

    1. So, I take it that Force India has been living under a rock these days.

    2. Hell, a lot of people open their mouths only to find out later on that what they said was stupid anyway. It happens in Congress, after all.

    3. Power operating in a vacuum? I think it’s more like power operating in Santa’s Workshop at the North Pole.

    4. Hey, it just gives me a reason to scream at the FIA. “ARE YOU NATURALLY THIS STUPID OR WERE YOU WORKING ON IT!!!???”

    5. Really, Ferrari? Did you honestly believe that the aero would overcome the smaller engine? What drugs are you on and why aren’t you sharing?

    6. You think Ferrari was looking for a scapegoat?

    7. It’s probably called “I haven’t got a damned clue as to what the hell I’m doing, but I’m going to show that I know something about what I’m doing by firing people.”

    8. Ya think Button’s gone by now?

    9. When I hear the words “iron fist”, I think about a gauntlet made of chainmail. That could be a bit painful.

    10. Yeah, I kinda have serious misgivings about someone that young driving that kind of car. There’s already some study that says that people that young haven’t had their brains fully developed to the point where they would display the maturity necessary to operate a car under normal driving. UNDER NORMAL DRIVING. If I’m going to have a problem trusting a kid under normal driving, what makes you think that I’d trust one in Formula 1? Max might be the exception, but the rule scares the living daylights outta me.

    11. Actually, he has the right idea (less for the rights holder, more for the teams, make it self-sustaining) and it could work if you get rid of whoever’s standing in the way of that smart idea and insert a new guy who understands that he may be required to make a sacrifice in order to keep the economic model viable.

    12. Why not just say, “Which part of Formula 1 racing is the best of all” and go from there?

    13. That’s right, Grace, it’s like baseball: It may be a team, but only one person can win it.

    14. Oh, hell! None of that “success ballast” BS! Don’t you dare touch that!

    15. Someone call Mallya: The 80s want their Mohawk back.

    16. Well, aren’t we all ….no, sorry, I forget, I’m too old to even think about picking up chicks.

    17. Hamilton, Ricciardo, Rosberg. First out: Maldonado.

  • Natthulal

    @GraceRd1 – Re: Fashionaward winner.
    I’m quote my reaction on twitter “Lewis, and Vijay got the one child haircut free with adult haircut. Don’t ask me which of them is the child.”

  • If we’re going to do double points why can’t we do it right. Indycar’s double point events are the 500 mile races (or around twice as long as their normal races. So why not just double the length of Abu Dhabi, make it almost a 4 hour race. Sure half the grid would have to start from the pits because they just changed out all of their engines for the race but whatever. Then next year you can have a safety car about half way through for a standing restart. It’d be like two races in ONE RACE!!

  • Tom Firth

    Really enjoyed the conversation on MotoGP :)

    Grace is right, are effectively three classes at work in MotoGP, Factory (Yamaha, Repsol Honda , Ducati) Factory satellite (Tech3, LCR , Gresini (Bautista) and Pramac) and Open (Aspar, PBM and Gresini (Redding) among them. Though it is slightly confused further by Ducati’s bikes having some of the concessions that the Open bikes recieve due to the bikes not having the competitiveness of the other factories (That’s the bit I disagree with)

    As for American motoGP hopefuls, we have effectively two paths to MotoGP today :
    National Superbike championship (AMA Pro Superbike, British Superbikes etc) > World Superbikes > MotoGP
    The other path is and this is becoming the increasingly prevalent one of the two (Rookies series > Moto3 > Moto2 > MotoGP.

    Now unfortunately, AMA Pro Superbike, once one of the core feeder series to MotoGP has seen a dramatically reduced calendar and lower grid numbers in recent years, coupled with a poor to almost non existent television coverage and a reduction in manufacturer support. Personally I think this is a factor in why MotoGP has no current American stars, as the teams in MotoGP are not looking towards this link in the USA as much as was once the case, when AMA was seen as seen as one of the worlds premier superbikes series. Lawson, Rainey, Hayden, Spies, Edwards , Roberts all had the earlier years of their careers formed in either AMA Superbike or one of it’s support series.

    Now for an american today to make himself noticed by MotoGP, it appears they have to move to Europe, which is what Josh Herinn did after he won the AMA Pro Superbike championship recently and into Moto2, sadly his Moto2 results have been almost non existent in a series that is incredibly competitive and to be fair the Caterham Moto2 team he is racing with have in all honestly, had a pretty tough season.

    The thing is we have two MotoGP races in the USA, so the interest in MotoGP is still existent in the states. It just needs a boost of local talent at a championship contending position, much the same as you both mentioned about F1 in this podcast. I do admit Indianapolis did look very quiet for motoGP. although personally I thought the infield looked decent in terms of fan numbers even though the grandstands looked a ghost town, and I do agree with Grace on the size of Indianapolis been a factor. The race was better this year too I thought than in previous years, with the reconfigured course.

    So in answer to your question who to watch, perhaps Josh Herinn in a couple of years if people allow him abit more time to get used to Moto2, or maybe Cameron Beaubier if he returns to Europe, he was in 125CC, a couple of years ago, but had quite a tough time and went back to AMA’s series, rumours of him coming back over in the next few years in a higher class.

    The one thing in your motorcycle racing conversation I don’t personally agree with is Moto2 been boring, personally I think its one of the most entertaining, close motorcycle championships out there and absolutely well worth watching. Along with Moto3, BSB and WSBK. I think the racing in Moto2 is closer and better from a pure racing point of view than the premier MotoGP class, though the format is different, and MotoGP has enjoyed some spectacular races this year.

    Apologies for the long post, Thanks for a great podcast, really enjoyed listening and enjoy Spa :)

  • The Captain

    I’m not through this whole podcast yet, but hasn’t Grace been planning this weeding for over a year now? I mean plan away, but where is this thing happing at, West Minster Abby? Never Land? Are you waiting for Jenson Button to free up to be a ring bearer? DC is a petty diverse are, there’s everything from lower class to stately shopping. Yet she came to bmore for a dress? Is the wedding crab themend? Is there a “boh” of the dress? Are you waiting for Ren Fest actors to free up (oh please say it’s renaissance themend)? Is there still a problem with seating her family next to his and the reservation for Olrando Bloom? I mean I get Grace is a girl and all, but this is a lot of planning! Just get some booze, throw a party, dress nice, say “I do”, have some drunken sex, an awkward brunch, go on vacation and be done with it already :)