Join Grace and me as we discuss the week’s news including such issues as NicoGate, Mercedes, McLaren and their desperate hunt for new drivers, Ferrari and their engine freeze as well as reasons for the current lack of performance. We talk about brake companies like Peter Windsor on steroids and even offer some awards as well as a paved Parabolica and the reason it’s a good idea…so called.

Fashion award winners here.

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  • MIE

    The return of impressions, not only Lauda but Briatore as well.

  • And the return of AUTOSPORT! Now, whenever I go to that site, I can’t help but hear Todd’s enthusiastic pronunciation.

  • Rapierman

    1. Good job to the FIA for seeing through Hamilton’s machinations.

    2. I think we call that a “Come to Jesus Meeting”.

    3. In case you missed it, the Human Race is still alive! :P

    4. Note to NBC: Thank you, CAPTAIN OBVIOUS!!! :P

    5. Todd, you and I are probably going to disagree on what Hamilton should or shouldn’t do, so let’s just agree to disagree and leave it at that.

    6. So, Grace, you say that Ferrari has no room to talk? But, then, if we let Merc run with what it’s got, do they become the new Ferrari?

    7. Tradition means nothing if you’re not doing your part.

    8. Evidently, McLaren doesn’t think too highly of Button and/or Magnussen.

    9. I wouldn’t take Hamilton if my life depended on it.

    10. That was the reason I’m always leery of underaged drivers. (Hey, I was underaged once.)

    11. Does anyone besides that former doctor know anything about safety?

    12. That’s why I suggested “remote control rev limiters”.

    13. Personally, I’d rather dump brake-by-wire in favor of real brakes.

    14. Yep, Bottas works well for Williams. Massa, not so much. Not sure that Button would drive again, though, so maybe someone else.

    15. Way to throw Ferrari under the bus, Mattiachi.

    16. Ricciardo, Rosberg, Vettel

    17. First out: Bianchi

    18. Great that Stewart was able to return. Too bad that it didn’t go well. Maybe next race.

    19. Actually, I’ll always think of Ricciardo as “The Joker Smile”.

  • pear-shaped pete

    Quite some amusement here at the “it rains in Spa” comments . A couple of weeks ago wife and I all but decided to visit Spa next year. I was a little shocked by her determination a few days later she arrived home with a $500 “raincoat”. It’s white and quite glamorous; she said she’s ready for Spa.

    Can I nominate Mrs Pear-Shaped for a readers’ fashion award?

    pear-shaped pete

  • I see in the podcast title you’ve already got a new name for the site just in case:

  • eram

    I got summoned to the board room today, I wont go into any details but it was totalbulls**

  • Ground Effect

    keep calm, hire Jensen
    martini, shaken not stirred
    keep calm, hire Jensen

  • Renault has stated that they would support opening the in-season engine restrictions as well.

    I think Grace’s complaints about Ferrari’s complaints are a bit misplaced. Back in the Schumacher/Brawn/Todt/Byrne halcyon era, there was nothing baked into the regulations that accounted for and assured Ferrari’s dominance. They had the advantage of being the only real competitive Bridgestone runner, but there wasn’t a rule that said Michelin couldn’t introduce new compounds or constructions during the season.

    At its core, this just one more example of F1 making things more complicated than they need to be. They are the opposite of the overly simplistic Jeremy Clarkson ‘fix it with a hammer’ approach; instead, everything has to be this Rube Goldberg exercise in complexity for the sake complexity at the expense of actually accomplishing something useful. “Let’s reduce costs by making sure that anyone who goes into the new 1.6 liter era with an engine advantage gets to maintain that advantage for as long as this rules package is in place.” That’s just stupid.

  • I don’t know if someone has been said that but, Grace´s voice it’s just like Shawnee Smith, I’m always listen to the podcast and imagining Shawnee. Hehe
    PS. I did comment in a RantCast, but maybe a bit late.
    So long.

    • Now Grace in the movie series, Saw, would have been great!!

    • Louis, Amsterdam

      I have a hearing handicap and are very happy to listen to F1blog’s podcasts; you have good audio! And compliments to the voice of Grace, I find her interesting to listen to ofcourse, but importantly, she has a clear voice that I can perfectly hear!

      • Well, I’m sure Grace would appreciate hearing that as she is a stickler for details like that. ;) Actually I do work hard on the audio and when it isn’t good, I appreciate when folks mention it.

  • Louis, Amsterdam

    Great podcast and good to hear Grace’s view on the Spa incident between Rosberg and Hamilton: nothing special! Race incident and move on please; I fully agree. The incident discussed concerning the demo by Max Verstappen in Rotterdam: old STR car and stupid commercial event I was not interested in. I went to the Zandvoort Historic Grand Prix this weekend! Now that is a top event. Max will debut in F1 on friday practise and then we will see what his potential can be!

  • The Captain

    HA HA Grace, I know someone who had groupie sex with your wedding band back in college!