The harsh, cold reality of double points in Abu Dhabi or Double-Dhabi as they call it is starting to sink in prompting team bosses to conceivably ask, “my gosh…what have we done”?

Fans were outraged by the notion of attributing double points for the last race of the season. IT didn’t take a big imagination to see how this could really impact a Formula 1 season and we’ve been suggesting all season that this may be a year where the champion is eternally labeled with a mental asterisk and that’s not fair.

Teams approved the idea and now they seem befuddled to the entire notion with Mercedes boss Toto Wolff lamenting the decision. You could understand why he might as he has an intra-team battle raging between two drivers who make the title chase down to the last race only to be scuppered by the double points.

Wolff isn’t the only one crunching numbers and starting to realize the potential cost as Force India boss Vijay Mallya has told AUTOSPORT:

“Right now Mercedes and Red Bull are somewhat way ahead – Mercedes certainly, but if you look from third to sixth in the constructors’ [championship] there’s Williams, Ferrari, Force India and McLaren and we’re all pretty tightly bunched up,” Mallya said.

“There are still eight races to go, and the last one [for] double points.

“Even if we go away from Brazil in third or fourth position and say “wow! What a season!” everything could come to naught in Abu Dhabi.

“Once again I don’t understand the logic of this.”

We don’t understand the logic either, Vijay, and had we had the opportunity to vote on the issue, we’d have said no but apparently you and your peers approved this only now to lament it. It’s not the way to go racing as you have Half Prix’s and now Double-Dhabi’s.

I wouldn’t want to be F1’s head shed if Lewis leads into the final race only to be scuttled by a few points and the title goes to Nico. I wouldn’t want to be Nico winning by a few points only to have a mental asterisk next to my championship either. Of course this example is reversible…don’t want you Hamilton fans to get mad at me.

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  • cipher

    So just change the rules and get rid of it! Since when have the FIA had an issue with changing the rules mid-season?

  • If they can outlaw several year old technology like FRIC mid-season, certainly they could cancel the dumb double points thing. Especially since it causes no expense to the teams.

    • Christy

      I was thinking the same thing

  • rapierman

    There’s that ‘Law of Unintended Consequences” rearing its ugly head again.

  • jiji the cat

    Ha! Go suck it F1 team principles. You don’t listen to the fans, you try to fix something that is not really broken just to improve “the show”, and now it is dawning on you that you may have made a mistake.


    Yeah, i’m a little passionate on this one.

  • tomo

    Wow short memories mallya…this was bought in to shutdown vettel no other reason reap what u sow

  • Tom Firth

    The penny has dropped , Literally.

    • Chuck C

      Well, it’s Abu Dhabi, so 2 cents …

  • I wonder if any teams will take the new engine penalty in Austin or Brazil simply to bank the new engine for a double points advantage.

  • charlie w

    I say they(the teams) got what they deserve for being so myopic on this decision. They approved it without any forethought to themselves or the sport and they did it after we fans roared our disapproval. Sorry Vijay but deal with it.