The latest claims coming out of the Ferrari marquee is that Ferrari and Engineering Director, Pat Fry have parted ways.

According to Sky Sports F1, Fry has become the latest high profile casualty and despite the Scuderia’s denial, the reports quotes “sources” as insisting the 50-year-old has indeed been let go.

Ferrari has endured a torrid year so far, with Team Principal Stefano Domenicali being axed first back in April and it is also understood engine guru Luca Marmorini was sacked earlier this month too.

New Ferrari boss Marco Mattiacci said recently that he was preparing a “different” outfit for the 2015 Formula 1 season and while he was vague on what that meant, it seems those changes might not include the involvement of Fry.

Despite Fernando Alonso finishing second in the Hungary GP, Ferrari are staying true to their plans and preparing for their 2015 campaign.

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  • Tom Firth

    If it’s true, I wouldn’t be surprised. Disappointed it didn’t work out but not entirely surprised.

  • To me, Fry became redundant once Allison joined, both being managers as well as specialists. Whether the rumor’s true or not, one hopes 2015’s design head has veto authority opposed to the internal fracture and managerial oversite currently rumored within Ferrari.

    Is there any credence to rumors Mattiaci’s seen as a successor to Montezemolo, and that in Maranello’s view any prospective Ferrari president must first run the Scuderia? I keep thinking the ideology at the top’s grown stale.

  • I will not be losing any sleep of this announcement and in fact welcome it. Ferrari have travel backwards since his arrival from McLaren. Not to be harsh but Fry has had several years to make a meaningful mark and simply has not. time to go…

  • PM

    Thank God. Now james allison can finally take charge of the car development. I wouldn’t be surprised if Fry was behind the call to leave Kimi in the pits and that was the last straw for Matiacci

  • jiji the cat

    What’s the secret to time travel doing tattooed on Fry’s ass?

  • For those in the know, has there been traction on Fry? As Ferrari announced Marmorini’s departure today. Fry’s name is conspicuously absent in the release, whilst others are name-checked as being retained.

  • jonnowoody

    When top heavy management in an organisation are given free reign, headless-chickendom is often the unattractive outcome as things don’t go as planned.
    When the C.E.O is a self appointed hero, these explosions, as can be seen, can reach far beyond their remit, going as far as implying a fundamental failure in everybody else’s systems.
    Contrast the Williams approach to disaster with that of the Maranello squad.