Jenson Button feels like the dream of having a grand prix in the streets of London may have just taken a step further toward reality this week according to the Telegraph’s Daniel Johnson. The proposed 14-turn circuit was proffered two years ago and had the full support of Formula 1 boss bernie Ecclestone but legal hurdles poured water on the logistics of hosting the race. This week, one of those hurdles may have been removed. Button said:

“the dream has taken a step closer”.

“When I first saw the plans for a London Grand Prix I knew they were ambitious, but fantastic,” Button said.

“The thought of a race through the capital’s streets was only a dream when they initiated the project, but this week’s changes to the law bring the idea a step closer to reality.

“You could create such a unique grand prix through the streets of London – the roads are naturally very wide and long, so straightline speeds would be high, and you could create a real blend of corners.”

The change in law could possibly allow a race to be held on the city streets of London in what the Telegraph described as a, “consultation on closed-road motorsport events on mainland Britain”. If this hurdle has been removed, the London backdrop would be a stunning scene for Formula 1 as well as place them alongside Formula E’s scheduled street race as well.

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  • MIE

    I think the bill was needed for the Formula E race. While I can see that happening in London, I don’t think we will see F1 on the capital’s streets.

  • peterriva

    Are they kidding? Block the most snarled up city traffic for how many days? This is not Monaco (a holiday town), this is the busiest city in Europe.
    My guess is? Great idea, cannot happen.

  • Rapierman

    Hasn’t anyone noticed what kind of security nightmare this would be? Seriously, Buckingham Palace?

  • TurboPhoenix

    While I love the idea, I think it’d probably be a logistical nightmare.

  • strF1

    I just can’t see it happening.

    As said above this is one of the busyest city’s in the world, and closing a large section down for over a week (maybe more) logistically almost impossible.

    Financially would the loss of business pounds closing it down out weigh the pounds brought in.
    I dont think they would, buisness in London makes millions if not billions a day.

  • Kaltenbach

    I used to live in Great Britain (Suffolk, Newmarket) and having visited London many a-time, that place is a traffic NIGHTMARE! It makes Seattle look tame. So shutting down roads for three days straight (maybe even five) with that car congestion problem? Nuh-nuh, ain’t gonna happen. As much as I would love to see F1 cars screaming down the streets of London, I believe the crowds with torches and pitchforks would tend to put a pin in it.

  • Tom Firth

    The country has noise restrictions on a large percentage of it’s racetracks that are causing them to restrict motorsport activities, The idea of racing in the Capital doesn’t stand a chance in my opinion.

    The act, if the consultation is successful will perhaps make it easier for road Rallies to be conducted, Beyond that I doubt it has little chance of producing much more.