The entire issue seemed a bit odd from the start but Marussia’s decision to now reinstate Max Chilton as their driver for the Belgian Grand Prix left AUTOSPORT trying to discern just what had transpired to cause the proclamation that American Alexander Rossi would be driving this weekend in Chilton’s place. You have to give them an “A” for effort but Marussia was relatively tight-lipped about the affair:

“I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to comment on the details of the contractual issues because that is confidential between parties involved, so there is nothing we can really say on that.

“This is a result of a change in circumstances.”

In the old days, drivers would have stipulations in their contracts that guaranteed them the seat for the entire season but with pay drivers, that could be true as long as the cash is forthcoming. Should a payment be missed, the seat may be open. At least that is what some of the speculation is about.

Chilton told the press that he stepped aside to let the team sell his seat for a race to, apparently, raise some cash and that may be a veiled way of saying that his payment hadn’t been made so he understood the team to be finding another person who would pay. Who knows? It’s all conjecture at this point but regardless, Chilton is now the driver for the weekend.

I guess whatever contractual issues they were having have been resolved…meaning a check was sent? It’s bad news for Rossi as he was set to debut in Formula 1 and I am sure he was eager to get the weekend started. Can’t imagine he’s going to be too chummy with teammate Chilton during the weekend.

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    to bad for rossi,would have been cool to have a fellow american on the grid, even though he had no chance of getting points or a top 10 finish,just would have been nice,nothing like having someone from your country to root for