With Marussia Motors closing its door, the immediate Formula 1 concern is the team that bears its name. According to Reuters Alan Baldwin, there is no need to worry as a spokeswoman for the team says it’s not an issue:

“The news is unfortunate for those concerned and we wish its employees well for the future,” said a spokeswoman for the team. “The supercar project was ambitious but it is disappointing that it was unable to get to market.”

Marussia Communications Ltd now owns the team according to the story.

“There is no impact whatsoever on the Formula One team’s operation,” the spokeswoman said. “There is no link between the two companies financially or technically. The F1 team has been an independent operation for some time.

“The F1 team has had a positive start to the 2014 season and looks forward to continued success in the pursuit of its racing ambitions.”

It’s good news if the team can hang in there as Britain’s Max Chilton  just re-secured 10th place in the 2014 Constructor’s Championship in Bahrain las weekend. IF the team can hang on to that position and finish 2014 in 10th, they stand to gain a considerable amount of the TV revenues from Formula 1 in the tens of millions. That would go a long way for a team as small as Marussia.

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  • Rapierman

    So, what does the “Communications” do, and could they actually fund a team if they had to?

    • nofahz

      I guess Luxembourg and Ireland aren’t imposing sanctions on Russia over the Crimean annexation? :)
      Pit pass is reporting that Marussia Communications Limited is now a shareholder in Marussia Holco which is in turn owned by Marussia Lux S.A.
      “It therefore appears that Marussia’s new owners are the same as its old ones, the team having simply shed itself of the Marussia car company before the Russian manufacturer closed its doors.”
      So now that the supercar company that never built a supercar is gone, the mechanism with which to discretely transfer money from one entity to another still exists, if you catch my drift.

  • jiji the cat

    i think the team is its own entity, but just needs a parent.

  • MIE

    I know testing means nothing, but sixth place for two days running in the Bahrain test shows consistency that some others did not (Lotus, Ferrari etc.).