According to AUTOSPORT, McLaren are making a play for two of the biggest names on the driver market…Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel. The report says they are attempting to secure the drivers after their current contracts are over which is in 2016 for Vettel and 2017 for Alonso.

The team are seeking a long-term solution for top talent and the securing of these drivers would help manage their short-term driver goals as well. Team boos Eric Boullier said:

“We are still pushing and we will take the time we need. We don’t want to do a mistake – we have one shot and we don’t want to miss it.

“McLaren is a top team, a big team, with a lot of history and we want to be back where we should be.

“So if we can afford to take the time to think and to prepare our strategy then we have to do it.”

With Honda returning to the sport as an engine supplier for McLaren in 2015, the team is looking to get back to its winning ways and securing the top talent is part of that plan. While Alonso’s tenure at the team didn’t last long back in 2007, things have changed and the team see intent on re-building the juggernaut that has been its calling card for decades.

The question is will either driver leave the established program they are currently in and can McLaren afford such expensive driving talent? That remains to be seen but there are compelling reasons either driver might take McLaren up on the offer.

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  • When this Driver line up is accomplished it will be Greater that all the Past Super Drivers’ McLaren has ever had including Prost/Senna !

  • Will a Honda PU make a difference? They already have the best engine on the grid and are still behind. It’s a big risk, but then again, Alonso really has nothing to lose given his decade without a title by then and no foreseeable improvement in the Ferrari lump.

    It would certainly be the most talented line-up though.

  • Rapierman

    I think it’s too early to say that Vettel and Alonso will leave, but it definitely shows what future Magnussen and Button have, which is probably none at all.

  • Sam L.

    I’d like to hear what those compelling reasons are. We know Alonzo wants another drivers title, but McLaren does not look like a hot prospect for it. Will the new Honda engine be its savior? Will Macca build a car in which Honda CAN be a winner, and a consistent winner? CAN Macca build that car? Present performance does not seem encouraging, and recent past performance wasn’t, either. Given that, why would Vettel want to go there? Also, there’s the question of sponsorship–why doesn’t McLaren have a major sponsor?

  • Benalf

    I don’t see it happening. If I were Seb, I would stick with RBR/Newey; this year’s car is awesome and only lacks horsepower…something for sure Renault will fix for 2015. Alonso, on the other hand, may decide to keep jumping from project to project until he retires or hits the jackpot. She should have leave Ferrari two years ago, at the latest, but now, getting cold feet in making a move is understandable. I think he will prefer to retire in red than going back to the team who stabbed him on the back the first year of his contract. But I may be wrong…..

  • The Captain

    My favorite part of the AUTOSPORT! article was this gem.

    “In fact, the team is eager to get a firm commitment on both drivers’ plans over the next few years, and has told them it is ready to wait until 2016 or 2017 for them if it must.”

    Ah yea, can they come off as sounding anymore desperate? No really baby, I know you’re in a serious relationship now, but I just want you to know that as soon as you have any problem with him down the road I’ll be here waiting.

    • The Captain

      And for Button and Magnason, this comes off as,

      Oh but hey, can you kinda let me know if you think your going to be having problems with your significant other in the future so I know wether or not to dump mine now. I just need a heads up so I know how long to string them along or not.

      That’s got to be good for driver moral in Wonking.

  • JimmyClarkFan

    @ Sam L.
    In addition to all those very good points – why would Alonso ever again believe Ron Dennis after he lied to him and robbed him of a championship once?

  • jonnowoody

    ” C’mon lads! To the barricades!

    Jenson to Ferrari and J.E.V in at Milton Keynes – who’s with me?

    Guys? Hey, Guys?!”

  • Deeyavid

    Also…didn’t Alonso try to rat on McLaren about the Ferrari technical info? I can’t see either Vettel or Alonso going until McLaren is at least even with their current teams. I think that Grosjean would be a great choice…Eric Boullier knows him, he was beating everybody but the Red Bulls last year, is caught in a weak team, and is likely to work cheap (hell, he’d probably be happy if the paycheck doesn’t bounce).

  • Alonso and Ricciardio please McLaren.

  • jiji the cat

    Yup, i think RoGro as well, partnered with Magnussen will be all McLearen need.

  • Green Hornet

    Vettel and Alonso to McLaren… I laughed so hard I have coffee coming out of my nose.
    Not gonna happen.

  • MIE

    The last time I looked both Red Bull and Ferrari were still beating McLaren comprehensively in the constructors’ championship. I can see why the team would want to attract those two drivers, I just don’t see why the drivers would consider moving. Honda will be 12 months behind in the development of their Power Unit, with less freedom to change the design if they have made a mistake. Their arrival is no guarantee of instant success for the Woking team.

    I think the best drivers that McLaren could hope to attract would be Hulkenberg, Grosjean or Kvyat. I don’t see anyone better wanting to move from their current seat.