McLaren are a busy group of folks. The Formula 1 team competes on the world stage of motor sport but they also have a group called McLaren Applied Technology that works with numerous businesses and opportunities. The newest client is none other than Heathrow airport.

It seems that Heathrow is keen to become more efficient and having spent a few hours there on a layover on my trip to Ferrari in Maranello, I would say they are barking up the right tree. McLaren Applied Technology will be helping them initially with data management and simulation work to create a system that assesses infrastructure changes proposed. A sort of rapid prototyping of possible changes that could be made at Heathrow.

Geoff McGrath, vice president of MAT, said:

“For decades McLaren has led the Formula One world in the use of advanced simulation technology to gain a competitive advantage and help us win races. This world leading expertise is now being used to improve the efficiency of very complex systems in a range of industries, in this case by providing cutting edge decision support tools to be used at Heathrow Airport.

“The combination of Formula One and one of the world’s busiest airports may seem unlikely, but at both Grand Prix races and Heathrow Airport we are seeking to achieve very similar goals – to increase efficiency, maintain the highest levels of safety and continually improve performance.”

At this point they could just create a new diffuser with “mushrooms or bells” and call it a day. right? I was just speaking with a person over dinner last evening and he was telling me horror stories about his trip in and out of Heathrow. While my time there was no where near as frustrating, it’s always a good idea fo seek some third-party advice on how process can be improved and how efficiency could be increased. Who better than a team like McLaren which can change, not only 4 wheels, but 5 wheels in 2 seconds?

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  • lafawnduh

    As long as they don’t to get caught with the Italian airport blueprints.

    They could get fined 100m from the FAA

  • NeilM

    The only good way to make Heathrow more efficient would be to bulldoze the whole grotesque mess and start over, preferably in another location entirely.