Sergio Perez took some heat this past weekend at the British Grand Prix by making a joke about women in Formula 1 and in general. When interviewed by Spanish television, Perez said that Susie Wolff was a great driver but jokingly said he would not want to be beaten by a female teammate and felt they would be better off in the kitchen.

You can imagine the backlash on social media which prompted an apology on Twitter and Instagram from Sergio:

“I apologize wholeheartedly to all women and especially my friend @ Susie_Wolff was never my intention to offend anyone, let alone women who both love.”

Ever the class act, Susie Wolff responded asking for folks to give Sergio a break as the comment was taken out of context but added her own cheeky poke as well:

“Saw some comments made by @SChecoPerez as I was making dinner in the kitchen last night… Please give him a break…”

“His comments were taken completely out of context. Anyway, as my family will tell you, I drive better than I cook!”

Also in the news is the ever-vocal Niki Lauda—otherwise known around F1B as the “Elderly F1 Fan” who had a running commentary on just about everything:

On Kimi Raikkonen-

“One criticism I have is that Kimi made a mistake,” said Lauda. “He went wide, so why does he come in balls out and then crash?

“Hopefully nothing happened [to hurt him], but it was unnecessary.”

On fixing the barrier at Silverstone-

“It’s all crazy,” Lauda said. “To stop the race for one hour because one of the barriers is damaged is ridiculous.”


“This over nursing of F1, being over cautious, over-controlling, drives me mad. And this little guardrail issue is another example,” he said.


“There are too many people involved in making F1 as safe as the roads, which is wrong. Said Lauda.

“They should have fixed it quickly, do something instantly and then 10-15 minutes later the race would have gone on.

“There is no way that another car would hit in the same place that guardrail. The delays we have now, nursing the guys, not crossing the white line here, being four seconds back, it is all wrong and this should be stopped.

“I have talked to Bernie [Ecclestone] about it and he fully agrees. We have to go back to normal racing.”

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  • mini696

    Chances of hitting the same place again is slim. But it could happen. I didnt like the delay but i lived.

  • Morbius Strings

    I can imagine the conversation that Niki had with Bernie;

    Niki: You have all these facilities and it takes an hour to fix a guardrail?

    Bernie: We want to make sure it’s safe!

    Niki: This is total bullshit! (Imitating Niki’s accent)

  • Tim C

    Niki seems to live in a world all his on. Oh to be a fly on the wall of his brain.

  • dude

    He’s right, for the race to postpone 1 hours they could lose million of viewers aside from fanatical fans.

  • Ian Robinson

    You only have to look at the wall of champions or worse Imola to know cars will hit the same spot!
    Apart from that comment i’m with you “Elderly F1 Fan”

  • MIE

    Niki raced at a time when they were lucky to have any barrier, so his attitude is somewhat different. Stirling Moss has stated that he probably wouldn’t have started racing if safety levels were as they are today. What attracted him to the sport was the danger.

    As for Mr E, he did lament a few years ago about the lack of opportunities for young drivers due to the older drivers living so long. I’m not that surprised that he agreed with Lauda.

    With the increase in TV coverage it is no longer acceptable to show serious injury or death on prime time TV.

  • Agree with EF1Fan completely.

    Kimi did not seem to know what he was doing.

    Just the mental image of Kimi balls first I could do without :-(