As a result of Pirelli’s collaboration with the FIA to ensure a better monitoring of tyre usage parameters, the Italian firm is trialling a special type of sticker on each tyre tread in Bahrain.

These stickers read the maximum temperature reached by the tyre tread while the tyres are being pre-heated by the teams in their tyre blankets.
Pirelli prescribes a maximum temperature of 110°C (230°F), which should not be exceeded at any point before the tyre takes to the track.
The FIA will ensure that this limit is respected, together with the minimum tyre pressures when leaving the pits and maximum camber levels on the track.

No more silly over-heated tires and super low tire pressures for the teams these days as the FIA and Pirelli are keen to prevent another Silverstone 2013 incident based upon too-aggressive settings.

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  • peterriva

    More clag during the race? Or will the heat sensors be on the sidewall? If they are on the sidewall, will the heat blankets be hotter on the flat portion of the tire?

  • offcamberm3

    Who checks the stickers, and when? I’ve worked in busy kitchens, and I’m guessing the teams aren’t happy about having an official in the way close to a pit stop. Seems like a busy time.