Kimi Raikkonen told the press today that 2015 will most likely be his last year in Formula 1. While that may very well be true, one wonders if Ferrari feel the same? Some rumors have placed Kimi out of the team at the end of this year but as I said, those are rumors. Kimi said:

“Until my contract is finished, and then I will probably stop.

“That is what I think is going to happen.”

Raikkonen has every reason to believe that his contract will be fulfilled but Ferrari has paid him to leave early before and the driver from Finland ins’t exactly lighting up the scoring board this year with his lackluster performances. There is a reason for that though and it may be similar to the reason Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel is struggling.

The new cars have a markedly different downforce trait that has caught both drivers out. It suggests the car doesn’t behave the way they like a car too and is antithetical to their driving style. Can it be overcome for 2015? Chances are it can be improved but will Kimi still be here to see it?

Kimi loves rallying but yet again, here is a world-class driver that the WEC could easily pick up and bolster their roster with. Mark Webber, Kimi Raikkonen, Jenson Button (Nick Heidfeld is already there), Giancarlo Fisichella, Mika Salo, Jerome D’ Ambrosio and many more. Would love to see kimi in WEC!

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  • I don’t understand why he is saying it now. There must be a lot of politics or something else happening that we’re not seeing.

  • He’s saying it now so that Ferrari will buy him out again… He’s basically saying, “Yeah, I’m not really motivated, but I’ll finish out my contract, since, you know, I’m legally obligated to…”

    Your move, Luca.

    Personally, I’m done with Kimi. He’s not adding anything to F1 these days except memories of what he used to be. We’ve all been waiting for him to get back to form for a year and half now. It ain’t gonna happen. Make room for Bianchi, or JEV, or Grosjean, or Hulk. Please!

    • Uan

      How soon people forget – he had pretty decent form in 2013 (last year), winning the first race of the season and being genuinely competitive until Lotus got caught out by the tire changes, then decided they didn’t really need to pay him. They then left him hanging a bit after he signed with Ferrari (“Get the F out of the way Kimi” kind of attitude). Lotus, the team that couldn’t hold on to it’s own Team Principal in Eric Boullier and needed Maldonado and his oil money.

      For sure Kimi’s struggled this year, with the brake by wire that’s difficult to get a feel for if it’s not finely pitched like the Merc, then uneven power curve on acceleration (except again for the Merc), not to mention even Alonso thinks the current Ferrari sucks (and Stefano D fell on his slide rule in dishonor), Ferrari loves to blame him for mechanical issues the car has (ala the spins in Canada), or keeping him out too long before pitting him (Austria), but other than that, I guess we can just call Kimi a has been…

      And I’m not even a Kimi fan.

      Perhaps he’ll end up at Haas in 2016. That’d be cool.

  • Rapierman

    Well, Ferrari’s not gonna win with him, but they’re not gonna get enough points, either. I wouldn’t want a driver who wasn’t motivated. I’d just as soon kick him out the door….

    ….or, better yet, drag him off to Camp LeJune and let the drill instructors have their way with him. ;-)

  • jiji the cat


    JB, really? you know something we dont?