It looks like the issue over aero man Dan Fallows will go to court according to Red Bull boss Christian Horner. Fallows has been the topic of conversation this week as the former Red Bull employee is said to have signed a binding contract to join McLaren at the end of his gardening leave in March.

Fallows made a reversal and has now been announced as Red Bull’s new aero chief replacing Peter Prodromou who is now at McLaren. McLaren boss Ron Dennis says that the contract is legally binding and that the team will seek a decision in high court.

For Horner, Fallows made the decision on his own volition and it was apparently based on changes at McLaren, Horner told James Allen:

“The situation with Dan is very clear,” said the Red Bull Racing team principal after the race. “Dan decided that he was going to leave Red Bull for reasons of his own but with the changes that have happened at McLaren he decided that he didn’t want to join, and it was 100 per cent his choice to approach us and see if there was a situation still open. So it was his choice. Getting lawyers involved, if that’s the way McLaren want to act then that’s what will have to be done.”

One could assume that Fallows agreed to join McLaren prior to the departure of Martin Whitmarsh and the reassignment of Ron Dennis to the F1 squad could be the change that Horner is referring too but that’s pure conjecture.

Either way, it looks like a court will be deciding if Fallows is in breach of contract and what implication that may have but it doesn’t seem likely Fallows will be at McLaren regardless.

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  • Rapierman

    It would be interesting to have a look at both contracts involving Fallows, if for no other reason that to determine which one was in effect at the time.

  • PallasJay

    I don’t think there’s any way this sees the inside of a courtroom. It’ll be a one for one switch with Prodromou getting out of his gardening leave early.

  • UAN

    From what Ted Kravitz (iirc) said after the race in China, the issues is that Fallows decided to go to McLaren, then found out Prodromou was going there as well. It was unclear, but it sounds like they either don’t get along to well, or that they are of equal status, and Fallows doesn’t want to be beneath Prodromou.

    I can’t believe that a contract is so binding as to force a person to work at a company. However, I think part of the issue McLaren is raising is that Red Bull interfered/enticed Fallows to break the contract. If it’s a case of Fallows thinking he’d be the head aerodynamicist at McLaren, but then found out he would be in the same situation he just left Red Bull for, it would be hard for McLaren to prove otherwise.

    I think there’s more going on that we haven’t heard yet.