No one gives a pep talk quite like Ron Dennis and in today’s story at the Daily Telegraph, the anecdotal advice given to young McLaren driver Kevin Magnussen was ripe with the idiom of the newly returned Ron Dennis:

“A very wise old man went into his house and nailed to the celling was a pair of shoes,” Dennis told the 21-year-old. “I asked what they were for, and he said they were his son’s shoes. ’Every time he sees them it reminds him to keep his feet on the ground’, [the man said]. I will put some in your [Kevin’s] hotel room.”

Magnussen’s 2nd-place finish bested that of former McLaren phenom Lewis Hamilton’s debut and I suspect Ron wants to avoid the adulation and over-baked hype that the 2008 champion experienced with his entrance into F1.

Thanks to Magnussen and his veteran teammate, Jenson Button, McLaren leave Australia in the lead of the Constructor’s Championship. I sense that Magnussen has a level of maturity that will not need these “feet on the ground” talks because he has a dad who knows what happens when you don’t approach F1 with maturity and a focused goal. Kevin’s father, Jan, has stated that he was mature enough for the task of F1 when he entered but feels his certainly most certainly is and I would agree with that.

I wonder if Martin Whitmarsh has a pair of Ron’s shoes nailed to the ceiling of his office?

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  • Dave

    I’ve wondered if Martin Whitmarsh is in his office behind a nailed door…..

  • jeff

    I love Ron so much; gobbly-gook lingo, totally unaware of his OCD overlording, completely consumed by perfection… An indelible character of F1. :D

    The grin he gave when Magnussen topped the timing sheets, early stages of Q3 Quali? Priceless. I wonder who will replace Button…

    • He’s a hoot. I know he is like sand paper for certain people but I’ve always liked his OCD eclectic nature that provides some of F1’s most interesting tales. The book this guy could write! I would be first in line to read it.

      • jeff

        Agreed. Whether liked or not (love the guy), characters like Ron make a topic fun. So much media polish these days… I personally feel Lewis can be a baby and elitist, but it’s much more interesting than a paint by numbers driver interview. C’mon Mercedes/IWC/Puma, let Lewis rant about teammate telemetry or being African American. Encourage Alonso ignoring Brundle, celebrate Kimi talking about bowel movements on live broadcast, play again and again Bernie belittling a gender due to his archaic viewpoints…

        Bring us more Webber/James Hunt/Stirling Moss interviews and a little less Whitmarsh (where are you Waldo?)/Chilton/Horner press junket stuff and it’ll liven up the show.

        I’m sure some sponsors (Hello Axe body spray and Geico) would take up the foul-mouthed, moody, verbally-indecipherable, poop-taking F1 persona that a Hunt/Hamilton/R. Dennis/Raikkonen amalgam would be!

        Would pay a $1 to listen to that interview…

        • jeff

          “African American”??? What happens when some idiot tries to be too PC; completely misses the plot. See what I mean about guarded statements????????? :D :D

  • Jim Hall

    Hamilton is the former 2008 champion? Who’s the 2008 champion now?

    • Hey! don’t mock me and Felipe Massa man, we’re not convinced. Felipe RULES!

  • dude

    Is phnom an English word? I thought it was a place in Cambodia.

    • LOL…it is a word, my word. :) Of course I like to try and be as monosyllabic as possible. :)

    • Clay

      Todd was just anticipating what exciting new market Bernie was going to put on the calendar next.

      • wchrisg

        We’ll all find that out during the next trial Phase when Bernie shouts, ” Grand Prix of Kazakistan!” and disappears in cloud of smoke and glitter.

      • LOL…Perhaps Botswana? *POOF* like magic, he’s gone. ;)

  • be right back, just gettin’ some nails and a pair of old pirelli sapatos …

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