American reserve driver, Alexander Rossi, has left the Caterham F1 team as well as its GP2 team on Wednesday. Having been with the team as a reserve driver since 2011 and racing in Formula Renault 3.5 as well as GP2, Rossi said:

“I’m very thankful to everyone at Caterham throughout the time I have worked with the team,” he said. “We had meetings over the past couple months with the previous and new management.

“The decision we took to leave Caterham is the right decision for my career.

“I take with me only the positives from my time there, where I logged considerable F1 mileage, driving each of their F1 cars since Lotus Racing entered the F1 World Championship in 2010. I have proven my abilities in F1 equipment, in both testing and free practice sessions, and I’m ready for the next step.”

Rossi says he’s excited about Haas Formula joining the F1 grid as an American team and many sense a natural fit for an American driver but money is always the key in this age of paying drivers. Of course Gene Haas could forego the concept of paying drivers in favor of fielding an American driver in an American team but that remains to be seen.

Haas did say he’d like a veteran driver and an American driver and one has to assume that Rossi is more than interested in getting that seat for 2016.

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  • Hmmm. American driver… how about Tony Stewart?
    Okay, he’s not 135 lbs… but talk about exciting the fan base…

  • Let’s see Robert Wickens, Antonio Felix de Costa, Robin Frijins, Sam Bird, and now Rossi! Boy almost 2 years away from F1, it could be a stretch for the Haas racing seat. DTM, Indy car, or Formula E could be options. But Scott Speed has been testing with Andretti racing. So who’ll do FP1 in Austin? Daly?

  • Tim C

    The following is posted on Rossi’s website:

    Alexander Rossi will join Campos Racing this weekend for the sixth round of the 2014 GP2 Series Championship. Following his decision announced earlier today to part ways with Caterham F1 Team, and subsequent EQ8 Caterham Racing seat, Alexander will take the place of Kimiya Sato and partner the Spanish racing team for one weekend.

    Good news even if it may be for only one race weekend.

  • Rapierman

    Ladies and gentlemen, preparation has just met opportunity. One does get lucky sometimes.

  • gsprings

    A shame this guy was with caterham, instead of at least a mid pack team,seems like a good kid, hope things work out for him, and he finds his way into a f1 seat,I think he has a good chance at a Haas F1 seat myself,he is the only American driver with a lot of miles in current f1 spec cars under his belt,Haas should sign Rossi and sponser Rossi in gp2 for another year in preperation for driving for Haas f1,not a bad idea I think

  • To those that watch the feeder series: How does Rossi stack up v. other Potentials? I know little about the up and comers other than press reports, and would enjoy hearing impressions from those who’ve seen the da Costa’s/Rossi’s/Wickens et al. drive.

    Rossi offered nice insight and presented a pleasant demeanor commentating on Sky Free Practice a few events’ back; he’d be a good sport ambassador for the US market, but only if the performance is there.