You didn’t think I could let a Niki Lauda quote go…not when he is using my favorite Lauda impersonation buzz phrase right?

Rumors have been swirling, like rumors do, about a possible link up of Sebastian Vettel and Mercedes after his 2015 season. According to Mercedes Non-voting bad ass and world champion Niki Lauda:

“We are already in touch with him [Lewis Hamilton] to renew his contract,” the Austrian said.

“All the speculation of bull**** Marko is absolute rubbish.”

Those rumors were said to have been started by Red Bull’s pit garage muse, Helmut Marko, and speculation about its authenticity is waning. However, if you were a betting person and liked to dream up conspiracies, then maybe this would be a way of getting Vettel out of the team now that you have the likes of Daniel Ricciardo. Let’s face it, say what you will about Marko but the guy delivered Vettel and Ricciardo to the team through some very keen driver development programs so you have to take your hat off to that.

Seb is having a bad year so far and maybe he’s expensive and Rricciardo isn’t. I wouldn’t bet against Vettel at any time but who knows the internal machinations of a man like Marko? What we always know is the internal machinations of the “elderly F1 fan”, Niki Lauda, and that’s “Total Bullshit”.

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  • Tom Firth

    You have been waiting to use that one as a headline ;-)

    But yeah I can’t see it happening really, it might but it would be surprised.

  • rapierman

    Where did these rumors come from? As far as I knew, the public speculation was Vettel to Ferrari if things went south. Additionally, Merc’s already got Hamilton and Rosberg. Ergo, this doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

  • F1derbar

    Laughed out loud, bravo Todd. With Lauda what you see is what you get, no bullshit ;)