In what can only be described as despicable, it seems that there are concerns from Michael Schumacher’s family and management that records taken from the hospital and purportedly claiming to be those of Schumacher’s medical condition are being offered for purchase to certain media outlets. We saw the original news via James Allen’s tweet but now AUTOSPORT has reported the situation as well.

The family released this statement late Monday:

“For several days stolen documents and data are being offered for sale. The offeror claims them to be the medical file of Michael Schumacher.

“We cannot judge if these documents are authentic. However, the documents are clearly stolen. The theft has been reported. The authorities are involved.

“We expressly advise that both the purchase and the publication of such documents and data is forbidden.

“The contents of any medical files are totally private and confidential and must not made available to the public.

“We will therefore, in every single case, press for criminal charges and damages against any publication of the content or reference to the medical file.”

As if things aren’t already difficult enough for the Schumacher family, it seems someone feels they should steal personal medical records and attempt to sell them on the media market. A sad narrative of not only this particular individual but the depths that some will plunge to for making a dollar off of someone’s unfortunate circumstances.

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  • novex

    Absolutely dispicable. I hope that the individual that stole the documents gets caught and charged along with any media outlet that decides to publish any of the stolen information.

  • Rapierman

    C’MON, PEOPLE, have you no shame!!!???

  • Mark Levinson

    Whatever ghoul who is responsible for this heinous action, needs to be punished to the full extent of the law, just before they are drawn and quartered. There is no excuse for this and why weren’t Michael’s records secured? This stinks of collusion and all parties need to be held accountable.

  • Andreas

    Sad and tasteless indeed. Sadly, there will always be people ready to cross these lines to make a buck. The most important thing is to never reward this behaviour, so when/if the records gets published, just don’t buy the paper. In the end, the only reason paparazzis can do what they do is because the magazines sells copies… if nobody was buying, there wouldn’t be a market for it.

  • Douglas Reed

    I hope some publishing company or media outlet buys them and then hand them over to the right people and then turn in the criminal.

  • Stefan Bellof

    Stealing, and then attempting to profit from selling, someone’s private medical records is uquestionably wrong–on a number of levels. And, of course, athletes and celebrities deserve the same level of privacy as everyone else.

    That said, the lack of any real, tangible news on Schumacher’s condition since the accident is what has created the great demand for the type of information that was stolen. If the Schumacher braintrust would be more forthcoming and less secretive about Michael’s recovery–or lack thereof–something like this would probably never have happened.

    Why all the secrecy? If the prognosis is really bad, then what’s the harm in making that public? I understand the hesitancy of doctors to predict Schumacher’s ultimate outcome, but surely they could at least give us all a better general idea of what they realistically are expecting. As a diehard Schumi fan, I’m sure I’m not alone in my frustration over not knowing what’s going on with him. And according to his manager’s latest statement, there don’t appear to be more updates coming any time soon. Thus, I’m stuck having to wonder whether Michael is essentially a vegetable, or I should hold out hope that he will eventually recover fully. It’s like a weird sort of pergatory. At least with Senna (my other favorite all-time driver), I knew he was gone and could “mourn” accordingly. With Schumi, I’m just left sort of hanging.

    Just to be clear, I’m in no way blaming the Schumachers for the theft or trying to justify it! Regardless of how much we (the fans) yearn for more detailed information regarding our hero’s condition, dissemination thereof is not up to us!

    • I’m not surprised to hear about stealing. It will be a large surprise if it doesn’t get published in British tabloid.
      Absolutely disgraceful.

      Why the secrecy? Because it’s embarrassing. Do you want the entire world to see you helpless? Half-vegetable? Weak? The once almighty 7 time world champion barely alive? I wouldn’t want to see myself in that situation.
      Moreover, there’s no real news on MSC’s condition. The last news was in April. Let’s leave him alone.