I wish I had better news regarding Michael Schumacher but the family released a statement today and said:

“Michael is still in the wake-up phase,” said  manager Sabine Kehm. “The situation has not changed.”

The process can take a long time and while many head injury specialists have weighed in with knowledge of these types of injuries, the duration is certainly a concern for not only professionals but fans alike.

The seven-time champion suffered a head injury while skiing in France on December 29, 2013 and still remains in hospital in Grenoble. The hospital apparently has seen a recent skiing-related death as well.

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  • Rapierman

    Okay, I think we can all agree that it’s been a month or two since they started this process. I have no idea how long this thing would “normally” take, but I’m not all that encouraged by the announcement.

  • jeff

    It’s unfortunate commenting on a potentially sad turn, but I must agree. Like another here, I’ve had experience waiting while a loved one was in a similar state.

    Nothing in Gazzetta dello Sport’s article speaks to Schumacher improving. The traits the author attributes as positives are autonomous functions controlled by the brain stem, not the brain. There’ve been no reports, validated or otherwise, that have claimed any improvements that are attributable to higher brain function.

    Here’s hoping for the best, that his brain is healing, that gag-reflex and reaction to stimuli for example return, but as Todd (I think) is hinting at, the time factor is not good news.

    As I said in a post somewhere else, what an ignominious tragedy for a man who by accounts is a great father/husband/friend, philanthropic and humble; thoughts with his loved ones.