Stefano Domenicali has stepped down as Team Principal of the Ferrari Formula 1 outfit. He will be replaced for the time being by Marco Mattiacci, the President and CEO of the marque’s North American arm.

Ferrari, has been without a world title since its 2008 Constructors’ crown and has endured a challenging start to the 2014 campaign, with Fernando Alonso and Kimi Räikkönen’s combined results leading the squad fifth overall.

“I take responsibility, as I have always done, for our situation,” said Domenicali. “This decision has been taken with the aim of doing something to shake things up and for the good of this group that I feel very close to.”

“I thank Stefano Domenicali, not only for his constant dedication and effort, but also for the great sense of responsibility he has shown, even today, in always putting the interests of Ferrari above all else.” Said Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo at today’s announcement.

At the recent Bahrain Grand Prix, the pair finished ninth and 10th, over half a minute adrift of victory.

Domenicali, who worked for the squad in administration and human resources positions before becoming its sporting director, took over from now FIA President Jean Todt as Team Principal for the 2008 season.

He oversaw the aforementioned championship title during his first year in charge, and came close to the double when Felipe Massa won the season-ending Brazilian Grand Prix but ultimately lost out to Lewis Hamilton.

But despite Alonso pushing Sebastian Vettel all the way in 2010 and 2012, and Ferrari finishing second to Red Bull in the latter year, the team has not added to its list of Formula 1 honours under Domenicali’s leadership.


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  • Tom Firth

    I do wonder if it would of been better to leave him in charge until the end or at least near the end of the current season before announcing him resigning.

    I know Ferrari has to be seen to do something in light of it’s perceived continuous failure to live up to expectations. However the wording does sound like Ferrari has an eye on someone for that role for ’15 that Ferrari can’t get right now for whatever reasoning, It seems clear that Marco Mattiacci is in charge of Scuderia Ferrari for the interim

  • Doesn’t look like Mr. Mattiacci has any racing experience; apparently the Scuderia is dividing the sporting and operational/logistical responsibilities of the team boss a la Mercedes/Mclaren. I wonder who will direct strategy and approve Allison’s development direction?

    Tante belle cose Stefano. The time was right IMO, but I believe your tenure more successful than whats credited.

  • Philip Kunza

    Ross for Boss?

  • Well, I do feel bad for Stefano, he always appeared to be a great guy. Of course that alone is not enough, but I really wonder if he could have done anything different. I mean Jean Todt needed 7 years until he won the championship and he had some abysmal years in between. Todt’s greatest achievement was to sign Schumacher and to poach all the people Schumacher wanted, from Rory Byrne to Ross Brawn. But then Domenicali really couldn’t have done anything of the sort. Neither Vettel nor Newey seemed willing to join Ferrari and short of that, Stefano did sign some very talented people from around the grid.

    Not to mention that the 2014 problems certainly didn’t stem from Domenicali’s F1 team, but rather from the engine department. Maybe the F1 team could have pushed the engine team into the right direction. Rumor has it that Mercedes F1 actually was the one who came up with the alternate engine packaging and pushed the engine department to achieve that difficult engineering feat. Still, if not even Adrian Newey had that idea, it’s hard to blame Stefano’s team for not coming up with it either.

  • MIE

    Ferrari get rid of Massa and this is what happens…

    It is just like when Enzo was alive, all the resources possible, just not used effectively and passing blame from one department to the next. Ferrari may be in for a long fallow period unless they can find some strong management again.

  • phonebem

    That Beeping is the sound of a red dumptruck full of money being backed-up to Ross Braun’s house…

  • Joseph Simmons

    How about Bob Bell to Ferrari? He has experience with the Mercedes engine/turbo configuration which has been key to their performance. Joining forces with James Allison could one of several building blocks headed by Marco Mattiacci. Plus a new drivers line-up in 2015, Hulkenberg and Raikkonen, Alonso leaving back to McLaren with Honda power.

  • The Imperative Voice

    I thought Domenicali’s pits made some poooooooor choices during Alonso’s (near-)title campaign two years ago, that cost a quality driver a deserved title. I will never understand mirroring the wounded Webber rather than exploiting him and Vettel….once behind the train he never caught back up.

    He did have some good drivers, but that is almost a mark against him in light of the relative success rate. Ferrari practically sells itself to the drivers. Ever letting Luca Badoer near a ride is also a joke. And the past two years I feel like the car has faded in competitiveness.

  • charlie w

    I believe Marco is just an interim choice until Luca can secure the services of Ross Brawn or Christian Horner. However, I would like to nominate Gerhard Berger for the position, not that anyone in Marenello listens to me.

    • jiji the cat

      hmm, i like Berger. Thought he was moving Torro Rosso on a good course when he was involved there.
      I like your thinking.

  • dude

    Would hate to see Stefano going away from F1, hope he shows up in Mercedes or McLaren, though they might not need him. One of the few team boss that I actually like.

    • I don’t see either Mercedes or McLaren to go after him. Maybe Lotus as they’re currently one team principal short.

      • jiji the cat

        i can see him at Lotus or Williams in some capacity.

  • jiji the cat

    ’bout time.; who’s next?

  • dude

    Alonso’s next to go.

    • jiji the cat

      i don’t think he’ll be pushed though. he’ll just jump of his own accord.

  • Philip Kunzelmann

    Then they’ll re-sign Felipe…