If the skiing accident to Michael Schumacher wasn’t tragic enough, a suspect in custody in Zurich Switzerland has apparently hanged himself in a jail cell. According to reports, the suspect was an employee of Swiss air rescue firm Rega who had transported Schumacher back in June to a location in Switzerland.

Police had arrested the unnamed individual on Tuesday and were investigating the case of stolen medical records that had been offered to news media for a price. Schumacher’s management were nonplussed with the incident and vowed to aggressively pursue the incident with the authorities.

Fans around the world were disgusted by the news that Schumacher’s medical records had been stolen and were being shopped around for publication. Thankfully no news organization took the suspect up on the offer but it seems that if the suspect did commit the crime, he may have taken the confession with him to his grave.

According to Bild, Schumacher’s management were unaware of the arrest telling the publication that they were “stunned and shocked” over the incident.

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  • The Captain

    I watched enough of OZ to be suspicious of ANY death inside a jail.