Here it is, the long-awaited new livery for Williams MARTINI Racing

1063_WilliamsF1_Image_06_03c-gallerywide 1063_WilliamsF1_Image_04_02a-gallerywide Williams F1 Martini

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  • Andreas

    Fantastic look! It really brings me back – I grew up with “Martini Racing” branded rally and racing cars, and it got so ingrained in me that I for a long time thought it was an actual racing team, rather than a sponsor :-)

  • the drivers seat

    Love it! I may have to pick a favourite team this year

  • dude

    That’s a totally new look, hoping for a new era for Williams.

  • jeff

    Love it, and easily-visible driver numbers too! Needs another sponsor low on the side pods.

    The racing overalls look great as well; classic.

  • peterriva

    Yipes… looks best of the pack. And the white diminishes the ugly nose (well, theirs wasn’t so ugly to begin with).
    BRAVO Williams! Welcome back!
    (lucky Massa… right place at the right time – good guess? Or insider information? Either way, good luck to him).

  • mini696

    Lets hope it is fast too.

  • wchrisg

    A little understated for a Martini Livery, isn’t it?

    • wchrisg

      What kind of F1 Cocktails could you make based on each team?
      Williams F1 – would have mostly Vermouth but the bartender would have to pay to mix it for you.
      Force India – Kingfisher as served with a delicious hint of Indian Bankruptcy court.
      Caterham – BYOB
      Marussia – Anything in a Red Plastic Cup.
      Ferrari – Any drink you want to be your favorite but sadly doesn’t taste as good as you thought.
      Sauber – All top shelf ingredients but only tastes really good in the beginning.
      Red Bull – Seltzer, Cough syrup and money
      Maclaren – Something served in the cleanest, shiniest, and most technically complicated flask served with an NDA.
      Lotus F1 – Would taste like shampoo and served with a fork I guess.

  • F1derbar

    I have a distinct feeling that Felipe is going to be a much happier pilot this year.