We spoke about the upcoming star that could be Max Verstappen. The son of former F1 driver Jos Verstappen has now been signed to the Red Bull junior team with immediate effect:

“We are very pleased to announce that Max Verstappen has accepted our invitation to join the Red Bull Junior Team,” said a statement from Red Bull.

“This is effective immediately and the 16-year-old will continue his Formula 3 campaign at the Nurburgring this weekend as a Red Bull Junior.”

Max won seven races in his first year in the Formula 3 European championship and caught the eye of several teams including Mercedes and Red Bull.  Here’s why I like this kid already:

“I like Spa-Francorchamps because it is a high speed circuit with a lot fast corners, which are always my favorite. It is also a challenging and very fluent track and therefore great to drive.”

You need no further endorsement than a guy who loves Spa the best…makes two of us.

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  • rapierman

    Sounds like this kid’s ready for the next level.

  • Louis, Amsterdam

    Dutch press reports that at Spa it will be announced that he will drive in the Suderia Torro Rosso F1 team next year. If so, he will be the youngest F1 debutant ever.

  • rapierman

    If that were the case, who would he replace?

  • Tom Firth

    Max has had meteoric rise this far, and I’m happy that Red Bull have signed him, because honestly I see the Red Bull Junior programme as one of the stronger programmes so long as the results keep coming, which I cant’ see why not really.

    If he does go straight to Toro Rosso, that is incredible and I will be happy, he will replace JEV most likely because his days as part of Red Bull’s programme seem ever more limited. Especially with now four rising stars all performing incredibly well for Red Bull’s programme and effectively all vying for the same seat. Sainz Jr leads 3.5, Pierre Gasley is second in 3.5 , Alex Lynn leads GP3 and now Verstappen joins and we all know his talent :)

    Personally I wonder that Max would be better spending a year in either 3.5 or another in F3 to gain a little more experience first, problem is, if he does, one of the three above, most likely Sainz will get the coveted F1 drive, and then it’s a couple more years likely before Kyvat moves.

  • Louis, Amsterdam

    Made official this evening in Salzburg, Austria: Max Verstappen will replace Vergne at STR and debut next season in F1. See

  • Rik

    I just have to wonder how the driver that was overlooked for Kvyat, wasn’t it Antonio Felix Da Costa that was passed over, would have fared if he had joined Kvyat at TR?

  • Louis, Amsterdam

    I am Dutch and following F1 since the late seventees. Max his father, Jos, also progressed very rapid from karts to F1 debuting in 1994 for Benneton alongside Michael Schumacher. He was clearly slower than Schumacher and made mistakes in races but scored two third places; best results ever scored by a Dutch driver. He later admitted that he progressed too soon and also said some years ago that he rates his son higher than himself. I can only imagine that he stimulated Max to accept a seat in STR to debut next year. So he must have high confidence in him. I hope for the best and am very happy to watch his debut. No Dutch driver has ever won an F1 Grand Prix.