Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel took some time to chat about Mercedes and their comprehensive domination of the sport so far in 2014. Recalling his 9-win streak in the latter part of 2014, Vettel says that it was domination but nothing like what we are seeing from Mercedes this year. AUTOSPORT has the call:

“It is a different situation but I think we have never really been in that kind of position,” explained Vettel ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix.

“Obviously it is easy to look back and say that we have dominated everything, and it was easy. But the way I remember it was a bit different to that.

“And now we are five races into the season, I don’t think we ever started the season with five wins as a team.

“Obviously we had a very, very different and strong finish last year. But if you look at the races and the results and the gaps, I think it is a different story.

“Then again, we have been at the top the last couple of years; we know how it feels and what sort of things you have to deal with. And now, they are in a similar position and it is fair to say that they deserve to be there because they do the best job.”

This will most likely be met with cheers and jeers but if I’m honest, I agree with him. Red Bull wasn’t clawing 1.2 seconds per lap and finishing nearly a full minute ahead of its closest rival. That could be the circuit and circumstances so I’ll reserve judgment until later this year but something tells me that Seb is more right than wrong on this issue.

How do you see it? Do you feel Red Bull have had this kind of utter domination? Remember that two of the four title they hold were won by a single point or two. The other two were more dominating but at the rate Mercedes is going, they could win everything.

If there is hope, Red Bull could find it in Monaco and Hungary but we’ll have to wait and see about that.

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  • rapierman

    I do have to agree. To add fuel to the fire, compare Rosberg to Webber. The second drivers had a big difference in points gained for the team as a whole.

  • UAN

    or compare Vettel to Rosberg – many would say if Lewis or Alonso was in the Red Bull the last few years they would have been much more dominant and gotten more out of the car. Maybe, maybe not, and it’s not falsifiable hypothesis, so people will believe what they will.

    But if wasn’t for Hamilton, Rosberg would be on 5 straight wins and has clearly gapped the field. He’s a solid driver, but he’s no Vettel.

    Like you said, Webber never came close to what Rosberg is achieving, and Webber was a damn fine racer (poor starts aside), better than Rosberg IMHO.

  • Are you kidding, Seb? The 2014 rules were partly put in to level the playing field and give other teams the chance to compete against the age of Red Bull aero domination. What about the last half of 2013? Didn’t you win every race? Dude, you are a four time world champion… No need to say something controversial every time someone puts a mic in your face…. especially when the chips are down.

  • dude

    Vettel won 13 races last reason. The season is still early. Let’s see four 4 years from now.