The word in the Paddock is that Ferrari are looking to acquire the services of Adrian Newey. This has been rumoured before with no out come or presented with much denial from both parties.

However this time it is Ferrari who is making all the noise.

It has been noted by many F1 critics that Fernando will be looking to move to Redbull, Mercedes or even McLaren when his contract is up if there is no major signing at Ferrari. Brawn who is also on the cards may consider another stint with the Italian marque but Ross is still considering his options.

Newey has said on many occasions that he does not want to leave England and nor does his wife, so a big juicy ripe carrot must be put in front of him to lure him away across the English Channel. Adrian is currently on a reported 7 million pounds a year with Redbull.

 When asked by Sky. ‘I don’t know,’ he said. ‘I need to think about it. We’re in the middle of the season and I’m just getting on with it.’some point I am going to have to think about the future, but at the moment my focus is getting in front of the silver car (the Mercedes).’

Hi, I have been a Formula 1 fanatic since 1987 when my family took me to the Adelaide GP. I now enjoy close friendships with team members at Ferrari and within the Holden Racing Team (V8Supercars).
  • dude

    Newey seems to work best when he is allowed to do his own things without political controversies, I think he is allowed that under Mateschitz. I don’t think he’ll be happy with Ferrari politics.

  • A Newey/Brawn combo would be epic!

    • Wayne Tuck

      that would simply be the best combination ever! Does anyone have any idea what is wrong with Ferrari..?

      • J0J0

        They obviously don’t have the right people working for them when it comes to design/engineering.

  • Tom Firth

    Newey along with others has turned Red Bull from mid-rear field nightmare that it was when the company bought it from Jaguar to multiple constructors champions and I aren’t sure he would really want to leave that for some extra money which I’m sure Ferrari have tried to lure him with before today.

    The only reason I can see him going to Ferrari is if it’s in preparation of ending his F1 design career and therefore leaving with the most famous team on the grid, which I aren’t convinced is just yet. I can see him extending his contract with Red Bull Racing for now

    Ferrari need to do something, The issue is by poaching Newey to de-stabilise Red Bull, It’s Mercedes that lapped Ferrari this weekend which was mostly designed by one Aldo Costa … Maybe it’s not the design teams that are the issue at Ferrari.

  • Berkley Myers

    Conspiracy theory: Newey goes to Ferrari, Vettel comes with him and, fed up, Alonso takes Vettel’s seat at Red Bull…. It could happen! Couldn’t It?

    • dude

      Doesn’t make sense commercially for Red Bull.

  • Stan

    It’s kinda hard to see it happening. Wasn’t the complete autonomy his prime motivator for going to Redbull? Can’t see that huge tangled bureaucratic mess that is Ferrari being that appealing.

  • While Newey certainly is the most prominent name among F1 designers, it’s a bit much to attribute Red Bulls success only to him. That team has spent a tremendous amount of money on a whole range of specialists all doing their thing. The same was true for Newey’s McLaren and Williams successes. These teams were always going to be at the top of the F1 food chain, Newey’s talent then helped to seal the deal.

    One man usually doesn’t make the difference. It took Newey and Red Bull four years to become dominant, because they first needed to build the structures necessary. Of course, having a talent like Newey on board will make things a lot easier, but presumably, Ferrari already has very talented people in James Allison and Pat Fry. What they should do is to give them the freedom they would give Newey, to let them build a team and facilities to their own specifications.
    They’ve done that before with Ross Brawn and Rory Byrne and we all know how that worked out. Then Newey has done that at Red Bull and now Mercedes is reaping the rewards of their team around Bob Bell, Aldo Costa and Geoff Willis doing the same thing…though Bob Bell is now gone, maybe on his way to Ferrari?

  • Rik

    With Newey liking his freedom both to be a person as well as to race and have a voice I cannot see Ferrari a good fit.

    Adrian is more than just a designer at RB. It’s often argued’d that he is the one that runs the team rather than CH. It took years to get RB up to the level to produce a good TEAM not just a car and while Ferrari have all those things in place it’s hard to see Adrian as a cog in the wheel rather than the shape of the wheel

    At Ferrari that would never be allow’d to shine as Di Montezemolo has to large of a head to allow things to progress without his had around someone’s neck and this is probably the real reason that Ferrari is in a bad situation. Old thinking with new issues.