Ultimately the chance of Jenson Button remaining at McLaren comes down to contract negotiations, money, length of term and many other factors including faith or confidence in his abilities or even other potential driver’s the team might feel they have to take. However, on the surface of it all stands the simple issue of: Would you keep Jenson Button for one or two more years?

While I have never gotten the impression that Ron Dennis has been Jenson’s biggest fan, team boss Eric Boullier has been a little more diplomatic about the Button issue in the press. He recently told AUTOSPORT:

“Jenson knows the important thing is to score as many points as he can,” Boullier added.

“He doesn’t have to prove anything as he is a world champion and has won many races for McLaren.

“I think we need to be realistic as well, because in one, two, three years we may need to refresh our driver line-up and obviously we will be seeking the best drivers at that moment in time.”

Perhaps one of the bigger elements in Button’s future at McLaren is the availability of other drivers the team feels might be a better fit. If those drivers are affordable and available then Jenson may be shown the door. IF the potential driver is available at the end of next year, then signing a one-year extension might be something you’d like to do but if you’re Jenson, you’re not signing a one-year deal if you are looking to stay in F1.

Jenson says he isn’t focusing on other racing series and that Formula 1 is where he wants to be. To be honest, the number of permutations that could be involved in this decision are numerous. It’s one of those enigmas in F1when a driver leaves a team such as Sergio Perez left McLaren last year after only one year in the seat. It’s hard to know all the reasons a team decides one way or the other.

As for Jenson, I personally would be happy to have him on board because given the right car, he can win races and knows how to score points. He seems amenable to sponsor work from what I’ve seen and is a good veteran to have in the team. He’s scored 50 podiums and 15 wins with 1,132 career points from 258 starts.

Then again, if you could lure Fernando Alonso away, you might be saying…”Jenson who?”. Fernando has 97 podiums and 32 wins with 1,721 career points from 227 starts.

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  • The one thing that might save Jensen is that many drivers may want to see Macca return to competitiveness before signing a contract (.e.g Alonso). On the other hand there’s a lot of young talent that could/would take a gamble, betting that it’s inevitable for a team with McLaren’s pedigree to be successful again. Hulk, Grosjean, Bottas, JEV, Julian Palmer(gp2), Bianchi. Of those I think Hulk or Grosjean are the most likely — with Palmer an outside chance — He’s the best talent in GP2 since Grosjean.

  • MIE

    Which of the ‘better’ drivers would go to McLaren In its current state of performance? I can’t see Alonso or Vettel wanting to jump to McLaren, the only thing keeping them competitive this year is the Mercedes Power Unit, and they lose that for 2015.

    Button is at least a proven race winner, and he has been a more consistent points scorer than the promising Magnussen. The thing is, I can’t see McLaren wanting to let Magnussen go, after they got rid of Perez to give him his F1 chance, and it would be unusual for the team to keep both drivers after such a disappointing season. So perhaps Hulkenberg will be given Button’s seat (if he is prepared to take the gamble on the team).

  • Brody

    I don’t think that it bodes well for Jenson, especially after some recent comments made by Ron Dennis as he said……” Do I want him to try harder? of course I do,,,,he’s a highly paid Grand Prix driver.” and ” yes, we are not giving him the best car and yes, it would be challenging for him to win in it, to say the least, but he could do his bit and Kevin has to make it as difficult for him to pass.”……Comments from Dennis that he should try harder, and he could do his bit surely couldn’t have set right with Jenson, and probably had him wonder about his future status with Mclaren.

  • All this this talk of Button getting replaced for someone better is pure nonsense. He is Britains last World Champion and if I recall the last ‘top driver’s he went up against, he ended scoring more podiums and points than and only scored 2 wins less than – the ‘mighty’ Hamilton. Based on ACTUAL evidence, Button is one of the absolute top drivers on the grid.

    Button’s only problem is people’s fascination with qualifying and their false belief that a good qualifier makes for a better driver. This theory is absolutely blown out of the water by Button’s own results against Hamilton. During their time as team mates, Hamilton out qualified Button around 75% of the time, yet it was Button who scored more podiums.

    Personally, I’d like to see Button leave McLaren and join Alonso at Ferrari. He’d do a he’ll of a lot better than the over hyped Raikkonen and I would wager he’d give Alonso a proper fight.

    And for all those laughing at the suggestion that Button could hold his own against Alonso, just remember what happened last time it was predicted that Button would be ‘destroyed’ by his team mate!

    • Brody

      Ron Dennis looks for more wins and not podiums, something that Jenson couldn’t produce more while being teamed with Lewis, at Mclaren. That could possibly be the reason why Dennis said, ” if Lewis was in a position to drive for us next year, as with many of the top drivers if they were in that position, we would love to have them on board.”

  • jiji the cat

    nup….time for him to clean Grace’s pool. If she doesn’t have one, i am sure she could find something for him to do.

  • Rik

    One is only as good as their last race. Nothing like a proven winner as they are also a proven looser so not much of an argument to be made there.

    Keep Jenson? No.. He’s just not the best for a racer, maybe for a spokesperson but not a racer as Magnuseen is proving that a rookie is out shinning him, something that, since people are mentioning him, Alonso doesn’t allow to happen. Even Perez did a good job against him, maybe Hamilton is just over rated?

  • Tangential, but what is Sam Michael’s reputation in the paddock or press? Michael’s supposedly fractious tenure and crappy designs as Williams’ technical boss, and now Mclaren’s pit/strategy mistakes since he came onboard as an operations guy. Perhaps he’s skilled mechanically and procedurally, but as a leader looks suspect.

    If I was a top flight driver looking to move, I’d be more concerned with race conduction, and the organization producing the car than the parts going into it. Mclaren looks in better health at the very top than disastrous Ferrari with Montezemolo, but it’s a coin toss whether Boullier or M. Mattiacci has the chutzpah to stem recent design and racing mistakes.

  • Julian

    Jenson Button is a World Champion*

  • Paul Noble

    If McLaren truly wants to swap JB for Alonso for any minor short term gains that might or might not appear then they are welcome to every once of s*** that’s coming their way. Surely their strategy discussions with Honda must stretch more that 1 year ahead?