Our own Wonkydave submitted this gem:

Q: What drivers have scored a Grand Chelem (Grand slam – pole, win, led entire race and fastest lap) at their home track (country of their nationality, not where they transplanted)?

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  • Top Gear

    I will guess Jim Clark, GBR, 1962 & 1964, and Nigel Mansell, GBR, 1991 & 1992.


  • gplegend

    How about the 1958 British GP? Moss had Pole, Hawthorn had fastest lap and Collins won by leading every lap. They were all Brits!

  • JD

    How about Bill Vukovich, 1953 Indianapolis 500?

  • Gary Shavit

    Michael Schumacher at the German GP in 2002. He had pole, fastest lap and win, but I don’t remember if he didn’t loose the lead during a pit-stop or not.

  • Top Gear

    Vukovich at Indy in 53 led 195 of the 200.

    2002 German GP, Michael pitted first for fuel and lost the lead to his brother, Ralf, but resumed it when Ralf then pitted for fuel. Same thing happened on the second stop. Ralf even forewent new tires on his second stop to beat his brother out and keep the lead but was blocked by a slower car coming out. His race then ended in mechanical failure and Michael cruised home. Afterward, Ralf lamented about his continual bad racing luck.

  • WonkyDave

    Gee. Top Gear got it right. What a shock. Didn’t see that one coming.

    However, DOUBLE SECRET BONUS POINTS go to gplegend for the most creative answer!

    Nice job to both of you!

  • JD

    Nice call Top Gear on Vuky.

    Although it drops him out of the Grand Chelem, 195 out of 200 is not so bad.