Join Grace and me as we discuss Williams, Schumacher, Testing, Bernie Ecclestone, Double Points and more. We even keep the mindless and senseless chat down for a change.

Fashion award winner here.

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  • pear-shaped pete

    Thanks again.

    Ready for Australia? I nominate Kobayashi for the Bishop award, saying that Caterham would be better to bring a Gp2 car to Melbourne. Not looking good for the team , especially in light of Team-Owner-Tony’s comments/ultimatum for 2014.

    Regarding complicatedness of fixing the broken 2014 cars, on the most recent motorsport podcast Gordon Murray highlighted that one of his greatest achievements was to design a car that made maintenance straight forward and got the mechanics home early , rather than working an allnighter to fix – get ready for race…….. that was in the eighties….with thirty years t6o gety wiser we……….. cant fix the car.

    Double points – I’m old enough to remember title decider in Adelaide 1986 where in a three way title fight the guy least likely to be champ ended up “lucky”. I’m sure as Mansell’s tyre exploded on the straight his first thought was “damn, this is really gonnas hurt – double points.times zero!”


    pear-shaped pete

    Bob Sleigh

  • Tom

    Regarding competition among sports:

    First of all, I totally agree with everything you say.
    Here in Germany, the big thing is football (soccer to you guys) which basically goes on throughout the whole year with short breaks in the summer and the winter.
    F1 is also big, but I’d argue it’s independent of football, although the time slots are mostly different (most league games take place on Saturday, European games Tuesday to Thursday). Furthermore, few people have pay TV subscriptions to watch league games live. They either go to the stadium or watch highlights.

    F1 really has little competition in terms of live sporting events on mainstream TV. In fact the only thing I can think of is Skiing in the Winter (everything from alpine skiing to ski jumping and even biathlon) which means there’s little overlap.

  • Tom
  • Southern Hippie

    WTF, Grace? Pibb hate unwelcome. Besides, it a Coke product, not a “Wal-Mart” product. You were obviously confusing it with Dr. Thunder. Examine the label:

  • Nathhulal

    Now that you brought Toto wolff’s height in discussion,

    And on the topic of Susie Wolff getting FP sessions in the Williams car, I am sure her connection(Toto) with Mercedes will help reduce the engine cost for Williams. Not bad for Williams.

    Overall I’m pleased with number of sponsors that Williams’s marketing team has roped in. Hopefully, this will result in hiring good technical talent, and hence results, and then the front running drivers joining the team.

  • Joseph Simmons

    During the podcast, you discussed the future of Bernie Ecclestone with the impending German trial. Just wanted to give a nomination to Zak Brown from Just Marketing for a possible successor to Bernie Ecclestone. After listening to him on James Allen and Peter Windsor podcasts, he brings excellent CV for the position especially if CVC decide to split roles. He has racing background, which bring the enthusiam needed to understand my F1 issues. He has the money background with his marketing business where has brought or been involved in sponorship deals with many of the top F1 teams. This gives him some credibility inside the boardroom as well as the garage. Lastly, Mr. Brown is from the US, which at the point in time is crucial for the future growth of the sport. Now living in London, he would bring some insight into breaking the US conundrum.

    • I know Zak, not like we’re great friends, but I’ve interviewed him on our Downshift Podcasts twice and saw him in Austin. He’s a really great guy and took time to say hello to me in the pit lane which says something about his character. I think he would make a great CMO for F1, no question about it.