Join Andy, Dave and me as we discuss the news of the week as well as chat about the current state of motor sport in the world. We discuss Nigel Roebuck’s column regarding chats with Martin Whitmarsh and Martin Brundle and we juxtapose NASCAR, Formula 1 and the USC debacle as we discuss how motor sport is coping. Have they gone too far in trying to make every race like a “Game 7” heart-stopper?

Hat tip to Nigel, Motor Sport Magazine and Mark Crossman for the inspiration (frustration).

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  • cconf1

    Such a great time to be a racing fan: F1 last week, MotoGP this week (and a damn fine race it was!), and F1 and IndyCar next week. :)

  • charlie w

    I’ve been complaining about those horrible Tilke tracks for years and now someone within the sport openly complains about Abu Dhabi? He only got it right twice: COTA and Turkey. If anything in 2014 turns me off F1 this season, it would be complexity, not the sound. When drivers become resource managers in their cars, I’m out. I have given F1 four races to show me the benefits of the new specs before making a determination for the rest of the season.

    • Tom

      As you said, Tilke tracks are a mixed bag. They’re not all terrible. I think the bigger problem are the requirements, like massive amount of concrete everywhere, fixed top speeds, a fixed lap time, certain curves, etc.

      In reality, Tilke’s hands are tied. It’s very difficult nowadays to have a free flowing course that follows the topology instead of the interests of the rights holders.

      BTW, I can’t wait for this generation of F1 cars to hit Spa. That should be fun…will they be able to go flat through Eau Rouge?
      And the old Hockenheim Ring would have been nice as well, for very different reasons…too bad they tore it down…Well, we still have Monza and Silverstone, so that should be fun as well.

  • Clay

    Given the kerfuffle over the new power plant noise, do you plan on coming up with a new intro to the podcast (the downshift noises)?

    • LOL…no, I will leave it alone and we can all recall the days of yore. :)

  • Matthew Snyder

    I don’t disagree with the points Andy and Dave were making wrt the sound, and how much it does or does not matter….. but I still think the overall character of the way these cars sound is too dull. Go back through the eons, an F1 car sounded like other F1 cars and that was that. The sounds was a tactile reminder that these cars were different beasts. Now, they sound like LMP cars.

    The instant-on torque is providing a lot of entertainment, and the package as a concept has a lot of merit. But in typical F1 fashion, I think they’ve out-clevered themselves.

  • Rapierman

    1. I’d be having a chat with all the teams and compare notes with what the FIA have, then approach the governing body with what we figured out.

    2. Hey, we’ve got that kind of tolerance with the radar in Texas.

    3. Who made the sensors to begin with? How reliable are they?

    4. Things is, when a governing body gets blinded by their own pride, it won’t matter whether the ruling is right or wrong, all that would matter is that the ruling left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

    5. What business was it of the FIA’s to determine and inspect fuel flow rates anyway? It already limits the total. If they can’t use 100 liters or less, then that’s just the team’s fault and they have to suffer the consequences.

    6. Thing is, the way that Red Bull does it, it disrespects the FIA. Nobody likes being disrespected, and consequences usually follow.

    7. Conversely, one could say that the FIA are disrespecting a team (Red Bull or otherwise). See number 6 above.

    8. In the end, it’s both sides disrespecting each other and, ultimately, being childish. I feel like I have to separate the kids and put them in time-out in opposite corners.

    9. Well, I wasn’t expecting miracles with Merc engines, but I’m fairly sure that the lead team does have at least half a second on everyone else.

    10. I never could understand why anyone would believe that ‘brake by wire” would work? If you have any critical safety part of the car operated only by computer, you’re just asking for trouble (ask Kobi).

    11. The sound? I couldn’t hear a thing. What sound are you talking about? ;-)

    12. I think the better questions would be (A) do the negatives outweigh the positives, and (B) are we looking for the perfect car?

    13. “One race….”? Well, it may not make an entire season, but it certainly doesn’t bode well for the remaining races.

    14. I suppose that, in the end, if it feels like you’ve been strapped to a rocket, okay….

    15. Yes, too green, too relevant….but the original version wasn’t a Bloodhound SSC, either.

    16. So, what you’re saying is that the “old guard” that were the young guys are too busy contemplating their navels instead of just being like Nike (“Just do it”).

    17. For the record, I didn’t like the Chase idea to begin with, but everyone was hating the use of points to determine a champion as well. Heck, the original idea was just “the guys with the most race wins will have earned the title”. But, then, if you have a tie in terms of race wins, what do you do? Their answer was “most seconds, most thirds, etc.” At that point, it was more like Tae Kwon Do than auto racing. Here’s a thought: Why not just have the most wins, then use the points as a tie breaker, and then have the top >x< number do one final race, winner take all? Yeah, I know, makes too much sense.

    18. No, it's called "Ancient Rome and the Gladiators". I think we know what happened to that civilization.

    19. Technology is one thing. Automated robots is another. Great for the general public. Bad for racing.

    20. I wouldn't mind driving my car on the CotA track. ;-)

    21. So, Felipe Massa is Vincent Van Gogh? He's now entering a "blue" period?

    22. Hamilton, Rosberg, Massa, FO Bianchi