Join Grace and me as we discuss the news of the week including a phillipic on corporate social responsibility, Max Mosley, the sacking of Rome…er, Stefano, the Americans are coming, do you visit hospital for being on a cost cap, and much more.

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  • FerrariF1fan

    Enjoy the podcast as always but wanted to clarify the deification of Adrian Newey. He is a great talent no doubt however, let us not forget that Rory Byrne, not Ross Brawn alone, cleaned the floor with him. Ferrari’s biggest challenge should be convincing Rory that F1 is more fun than scuba diving.

    As for Max taking the blame for the engines, perhaps he is hoping someone will hear that and give him a spanking?!?!

    • Yep, I wrote a piece on Rory and Adrian several moons ago that compared both men and discussed how Rory beat him head to head.

      • I understood from earlier podcasts that Rory had agreed to return (from his diving business in Thailand, I believe?) to Ferrari last year, specifically to work on this year’s car. Did that ever materialize?

      • Julian

        Isn’t that a bit like trying to compare boxers from different eras? Sure, there was some cross over, but how would Byrne at his peak have faired against Newey at his peak? It would have been a great battle

  • JasonI

    Carl Haas (CART) and Gene Haas (NASCAR) are two different people

    • I know that and you know that but Grace doesn’t so let’s keep it under our hat. :)

      • JasonI

        Got it.

      • MIE

        Your secret will be safe here ;)

      • Rapierman

        Oh, good lord. 9_9

      • GraceRD1

        If only I had realized that during the show. I blame Pastor Maldonado or the martini or my bad on the fly memory. You decide.

  • Grace’s spiel re: $4 toll vs traffic aggravation, etc, can best be summed up by “Profit to Grief Ratio.”
    i.e.; a person will put up with a good chunk of grief as long as there is the promise of some reasonable level of return (profit) on that investment. Otherwise, pay to avoid the grief. Each person has their own ratio that provides for their own mental well being (or at least should have, IMHO). Sounds like Grace has her ratio set right around the same place mine resides. :)

  • Oily Bo Hunk

    That letter must have been a doozy to drum up the old Pink Floyd Final Cut quote “get your filthy hands off my desert!”

    Besides Univision (and I forget what spanish speaking channel it is), that also hosts F1, and they do it commercial free. I don’t speak spanish, and yes it does force you to be more involved, and you do study the graphics more. It is awesome. No commercials, no soda cookies, and no male diapers!

    And yes, Keep Your Filthy Hands Off Formula1blog dotcom!

    • Yes, very troubling as clearly this is not an F1 site and the disclaimer has been prominent since 2005. I reckon Bernie and I could have a beer and we’d be good. :) His schedule seems to be busy these days though but perhaps if I offer the buy the beer? ;)

      • MIE

        Maybe we could ask Mark Hallam to buy Bernie a beer, he’ll be in Germany shortly…

      • Is F1B getting served for Copyright breach or something?
        How bullshit is that?

        • If memory serves me right, even the stillborn USF1 team had to change its name to USGP because of copyright issues.

      • BadCaptain

        I hope you that you take that letter and get it framed. You are obviously doing something right if you are able to draw their attention.

  • Schmorbraten

    I think the example calculation you cited for overall ownership costs of hybrid vs. non-hybrid road cars isn’t the best deal you can get from hybrids, but I can’t be bothered to look up any numbers, at least right now. Because …

    Saving money at the pumps is the least important aspect of the whole fuel-saving thing, and fuel usage only recently got connected with the CO2 discussion / climate change, at least to the general public. For me, the original and most important reason for caring about fuel consumption and trying to improve what we do is still that there will be almost nothing left in a few decades, be that 30 years or 50 years or whatever. Fossil fuels are a result of hundreds of millions of years turning the remains of decayed carbon-based lifeforms into coal, gas or petrol, and over the last two centuries our consumption increased so radically that we’ll be through the whole cake quite soon. Even if your grandchildren or great-grandchildren have the money to buy a Ferrari, odds are they couldn’t afford any fossil fuel to drive them.

    Whether F1 should try to contribute to this or not is another matter, but to reduce this whole topic to saving money is missing the point. It is a selling point, of course, and I’ve already argued that here, but it’s the least important reason for trying to use less fuel.

    • Actually I was going well over a mile for a cheap joke about the F14T. :) Resale value will be very low. ;)

  • Honda / McLaren
    According to Autosport from last May:
    “McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh has confirmed that McLaren will have exclusive use of Honda Formula 1 engines in 2015 and that other teams may only race with the Japanese units “in due course”.”

    • Ah! There it is. I figured that would be the deal and then open it up in latter years. Ron would be silly not to that kind of exclusivity. Thanks for bird-dogging that article mate.

      • GraceRD1

        In due course… What was Honda thinking?! There must be more to that deal than ‘in due course’

  • Jim

    So.. Max admits he’s to blame for the new engine formula and that he likes the sound.. (which is quieter) Max also admits that he has hearing loss caused by the high volume of the old engines..

    Now, I kinda have to wonder.. If Max has hearing loss can he even hear the new engines?

    At least I know one thing is for sure.. Max is the only person wearing a hearing aid who ever wanted the volume turned down.

    • Jim

      and I think Jared might be off hangin’ out with Martin Whitmarsh.

  • Re: Intra- vs Inter-team battles. Teammates side by side is a natural byproduct of a new formula; some teams developed their package more fully than others i.e.; took advantage of the more wide-open formula you’re also arguing for. It makes sense in a normal race that the cars will finish according to their capabilities, especially at this early stage. As the front runners and midfielders close the gap, there’ll be more inter-team battles.

    If one wants more fighting between teams, a spec series provides the most-level playing field, where the main variable is driver skill; that runs contra to the stated-desire for a more-open formula. One can’t have it both ways, unless the formula becomes stagnant, as it did from 2009-’13..

    Personally, I enjoy the teammate battles; Inter-team interest for me lays in how well each team adapts the car to the venue’s environment and how effective the developments brought are. RBR on the verge of being best of the rest IMO is exciting because it’s matured the PU software, shrinking the performance gap relative to the other Mercedes-PU teams, whilst taking advantage of an inherently-good aero setup.

    That’s cool because the difference between RBR and, say, a Williams car remains, even if the pace is similar. I agree it’s nice to see a tight battle at the front as long as it’s from disparate rule-interpretation leading to similar-performing yet-distinct cars, not because the rules have made them homogenous.

    • Totally agree with both points. Fights between wildly different cars with different strengths yet a similar ultimate lap time are awesome.
      At the same time, battles among teammates are also cool. I can’t stand all the whiners who moan about a Mercedes domination. According to their logic, the late 1980 were a terribly boring time as far as F1 is concerned. I guess some people just love to whine.

  • Rapierman

    1. Got damned cold out here as well. 39ºF ain’t exactly warm.

    2. Domenicali said he resigned. Where’d you get the hint that he was fired instead of resigning?

    3. I don’t know what 20 percent sales growth has to do with F1. :P

    4. So, what would happen if someone like Newey went to Ferrari?

    5. So, Grace, whose fault is it?

    6. Goes to show: Murphy’s Law reigns supreme.

    7. It sends a message? Hell, I could send a better message with a shotgun, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to do that!

    8. “In my daaaaaaaay, we walked uphill both ways, in six feet of snow….”

    9. “Good for the children” is flat out BS since anyone who says it doesn’t really mean it.

    10. Corporate responsibility? Okay, get out your wading boots. It’s gonna get deep.

    11. Corprorate social responsibility? Anyone got a shovel?

    12. Really? Why would I give a rat’s butt about depreciation? I’m having to make payments already.

    13. Sometimes, logic fails at reality.

    14. I find it amusing that it’s called “blocks”. Seriously, are these kid’s toys?

    15. Why is he leaving? I thought he hit a gold mine with this turbocharger-engine combo.

    16. Oh, hey, there’s this guy named Haas that could use some help.

    17. Yeah, much as we’d like to have the whole process to ourselves, none of us are Bill Gates.

    18. Haas Formula, or so I hear.

    19. I didn’t hear the word “exclusive” anywhere. I have no idea where that came from.

    20. Cost caps: So, we’re asking the fox to guard the henhouse again, are we?

    21. Tell ya what: How ’bout we enforce cost caps at the business end of a gun, because that’s the only way you’ll ever get kids with ego issues to agree on anything. See also: Machiavelli?

    22. Life’s tough, then you die.

    23. Niki? “Executive chairman”? He polishes chairs for executives?

    24. Let’s see….do I want to hear from a rah-rah person or from someone who told me the truth?

    25. Of course we’re going to kvetch! We’re old people! We’re supposed to kvetch!

    26. Well, maybe we want battles all over the place, constantly, but not consistently the same people.

    27. I’ll always be a McDonald’s fan.

    28. Ricciardo does have that “Joker” face.

    29. Force India surprised me so far. Love to see more.

    30. Try “A’ndele, A’ndele, pronto, pronto!” (Sorry, best I can do.)

    31. Hamilton, Rosberg, Magnussen, and First Out will be Sutil

  • Re 28. Do you mean the original Caesar Romero “Joker” (1960’s TV series), the Jack Nicholson “Joker” (first gen Batman movies), or the quintessential performance of the Heath Ledger “Joker” (The Dark Knight)?

    I think in looks – the Caesar Romero version looks most like the “Smiling Assassin” Dale Ricciardo Jnr.
    However, maybe Sebastian Vettel feels the Heath Ledger dark and brutal version is giving him a right touch-up at the moment !!! JF

    • Rapierman

      No, definitely the Nicholson version.

  • XyacingDoc

    Loved the comment about Flavio, Ross Brawn, Bob Bell, Martin, and Stefano putting together a new Super Benetton team. Wait a year and Fernando and probably Pat Symonds will probably be able to join them. Heck, get on the satellite phone and ring up Mike Gascoyne who’s somewhere lost at sea or exiled on Caterham Island while your at it.

    • XraycingDoc

      Oops, I was so overcome with Enstone fever, I typed my name wrong. XraycingDoc

      • And there I was, having fun trying to figure out what an Xyacing is :)

  • phonebem

    Wow managed comment of the week in one of my first ones… Thanks Grace and I’m glad you appreciated the reference to the level of crow Luca D. appears willing to eat to right the ship with the return of Kimi.

  • phonebem

    *Right the ship, not eat the ship… Darn script errors (dodgy work network) make proofreading difficult at best…

  • jiji the cat

    Thanks for POW, its actually my 2nd time awarded but first by Grace.
    Grace, i have actually been on this site for around 3 years, it was that i used to post on the forum rather than here. I also tend to go silent when i have a very heavy workload.

  • Wait – Max Mosely and I agree on the sound of F1 2014?
    I’m changing my stance… I hate the sound now.

  • Sizziano

    Its technically pronounce RI-CHIA-RDIO

    • jiji the cat

      no, the man himself pronounces it rik ardoh, so technically its pronounced rik ardoh

  • Stan

    I’m not the keenest observer of NASCAR but isn’t Stewart Haas a glorified Hendrick satellite team. How do you make the leap to F1 from there? Hate to hate but this seems like it may not go well

    • Gene says they’ll follow that model, Stan, in teaming with engine maker, chassis maker and electronics to make their car. It’s a good way to get started but in the end, they’ll need to roll their own. Maybe they can get GM interested in making a new power unit for them based on the Chevy Volt. ;)

      They do use Hendrick engines etc so they are used to paying for power. :)

      • Stan

        Thanks NC. I guess that seems like a reasonable plan. Maybe Swift could do the chassis

        You’re on to something with the engine.Chevy could pull a BMW and go F1 racing with a stock block 4 banger. You can get get a couple three GPs out of volt block right?

        • that’s what I’m thinking. :) Why get into F1 when you can dip your toe in as a engine provider and use the tried and true Volt lump as the base…just add a cylinder or two. :)

          • JasonI

            I enjoy a good engine fire every now and then.

          • In that case, Jasonl, maybe we need the new Porsche engine? ;)

          • HEY. It happened to the Ferrari 458 too, you Ferrari fan. And the Gallardo, and…

            *sniffs ardent longtime Porsche driver and fan*