Frantic is in a political moods (but only if he can delete it, blame someone else and pretend it never happened) Whilst Joined by Tom and Shane aka STRF1 (Sonic the Rhino) and we talk What we testing who needs to do what. Also when not to touch something and the oddest winner of the Maxi yet…
  • Rapierman

    1. Latin American Dialect: Hey-RES.

    2. That still doesn’t tell me what an “affiliate driver” is.

    3. I have to wonder how the hell a dog joins a forum.

    4. Okay, guys, let’s remember the NASCAR guy here.

    5. I’ll bet my “Strategy 2” beats your “Strategy 1” :-P

    6. Don’t worry, I’ll be back. BTW, I had changed up the rules for Fantasy NASCAR just to get Andy back, but does he show up? NOOOOOOOOO. Sorry, Andy, you had your chance to run with Danica.

    7. I still say the TRUE, ULTIMATE CHAMPION plays every racing discipline in existence, but that’s just me.