So Tom had some important exams and life got in the way of doing shows last month. However we did do 2, One sort of died in the first 20 minuets of the show due to issues. So here is an all new one. With a bumper bonus bit off the first recorded show we did at the end with the forum chat.

We had to stick this one together due to software issues the regular jingles are missing. But we hope to be back soon and as ever we talk all motorsport we can think of in the show so enjoy!

  • MIE

    Regarding you opening comments on Monaco; it doesn’t matter whether Rosberg deliberately caused a yellow or not as Hamilton believes he did. Therefore Hamilton’s mind was distracted by this. How much that affected his race I don’t know, but it will become a problem if he continues to be distracted by Rosberg’s tactics through the rest of the season.

    For his part, Rosberg doesn’t appear to show any distraction despite the statements made by Hamilton. He may not have Hamilton’s race-craft, but he appears to be better able to cope mentally with the intra team battle.

  • Brody

    The yellow flag that Rosberg created probably wasn’t the only reason for Hamilton’s reaction, but Nico’s celebratory manner after they pitted, could have added fuel to that fire.

    If Hamilton was so distracted by Nico’s so-called tactics, Lewis wouldn’t have finished in second place.