Silly Season is in full swing with rumors of Nico Hulkenberg, Fernando Alonso, Pastor Maldonado, Sergio Perez, Felipe Massa and Jenson Button making the rounds—yes, Jenson Button.

That’s because McLaren have not announced their driver lineup for 2014 and some suggest that the team will offer Button a contract extension. According to the Daily Mail:

‘The team are already planning for 2015 and are ready to offer Button the chance of up to three more seasons as they strive to build a partnership with Honda which can rekindle the kind of success they enjoyed when Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost were behind the wheel,’ the newspaper reported.’

The Mail goes on to suggest, however, that Button may not be around for the return of Honda to Formula 1 as McLaren’s engine partner because he’s on some teams wanted list.

‘Sources at Red Bull and Ferrari admit the Brit is on their wanted list, while at the end of next year all the top teams will be in a state of flux over their driver line-up,’

Now this could all be on the up and up and I obviously do not know who their “sources” are but it sounds a little strange to me. Would you offer Button a 3-year deal at McLaren and if you were Red Bull or Ferrari, would you be gunning for Button?

I like Jenson a lot and I’ve always rated him even when other didn’t. He reminds me of Prost with his smooth driving skills and he has terrific race vision from inside the cockpit. He knows what’s going on and how to read a race.

Having said that, I wonder if a Red Bull or Ferrari drive makes sense. The Mail goes on to suggest that Lewis Hamilton would like him as a teammate again and that Lotus F1 rate him too.

It started to occur to if the Mail keeps this up, Force India, Caterham, Marussia, Sauber and Toro Rosso all rate Button and would like to have him on the team. I’m a fan but not an apologist for heaven’s sake.

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  • MIE

    The delay may simply be that the team want Button for a multi year deal, while Button wants a single year deal. With so many drivers’ contracts running out at the end of next year, it may be he can ask for more money at that time.

    • tom

      If Button were offered a multi year deal by McLaren, he’d be stupid not to take it. My guess is that the Daily Mail is simply making stuff up again.
      Think about it, on the one hand, he could have a secure contract over three more years with one of the best teams in F1 history with one of the largest budgets and every chance to be among the contenders despite having a terrible year this year.
      On the other hand there’s the off chance of scoring a seat with Red Bull or Ferrari, neither of which sounds very likely to begin with and since it would only happen after next season, a lot can still happen till then, so he’d risk not getting another contract with McLaren while failing to score a seat with another top team. When you add to that the this is the age of the pay driver, he might not even be able to score a seat with a lower team, so he’d risk everything while gaining nothing.

  • Rapierman

    Red Bull’s already out of the running with Vettel and Ricciardo. Ferrari’s a possibility if Alonso decides that it’s not worth his time. Lotus is always a possibility, though it would have to decide between Button and Hulkenberg. Mercedes is set, so the most likely possibility is a multi-year deal with McLaren. I’d say that the “Daily Fail” is blowing smoke, but rumors tend to have a tiny grain of truth to them. Chances are it was spicing up the news to produce sales. It could be that someone either mentioned that Button was considering Ferrari or that he’s the backup plan if Alonso bolts.

  • UAN

    Regarding the title of the article. Now that she’s married, I’m sure Grace doesn’t want (at least publicly :) . So you may need to change the title to “Almost everyone wants Button now…” :)

    • LOL…Grace would most likely say she still needs a pool boy. :)

  • Rik

    Button in certainly one of the drivers that I thought should have been out of F1 long before his wong song year at Brawn. Lackluster is the most accurate adjective I can think of that describes him. He is smooth, smoothly slow at times. Seems to be a nice guy but cries all the time during the race radio with his team. Was totally dominated by Hamilton as expected.

    Possibly he is a good support driver for a #1 driver but what team can afford to have only a single #1 driver and even Ferrari has come to their senses about this.

    • Will

      It hard to say that button was dominated by Lewis when while the two were teammates it was button with the most points not Lewis

      • Rik

        Ok… Which driver, and I am not a Hamilton fan by the way, was fighting for it the most? Hamilton let that hot chick put a mind fuck on him for a good year or more and he could find his ass but beyond that he was fighting for the lead. pole position and victories a lot more than Button was. He was the one that was lured to Mercedes not Button and he is doing better this year than Button and McLaren are doing without him.

        Meanwhile Button is crying as always as the new driver at McLaren, with his only claim to fame being that the previous team could make a set of tires last nearly an entire race, is all up his rear in his first year at the team Button is suppose to be team leader at.

  • peterriva

    Interesting thought that Jensen may leave McLaren… nope, not interesting at all. Honda (in the Japanese papers) say they want him there and he’ll be a spokesman for Honda all the while.