Schumacher Tower
In the high-stakes world of ‘branded architecture’, Lava has designed the Michael Schumacher Tower (one of seven to be built around the world) and construction is under way for the first tower in Abu Dhabi.

ACI Real Estate, an affiliate of Alternative Capital Investments, yesterday launched the US $272 million (AED 1 billion) Michael Schumacher Business Avenue, a 29-storey business tower located in Dubai’s Business Bay.

Michael Schumacher Business Avenue marks Phase 2 of ACI’s sports-branded real estate project.

The Niki Lauda Twin Tower was launched this month and the Boris Becker Business Tower will be launchedin February.

The design is to commemorate the 7 title won by the German driver during his Formula 1 racing career. How is that for brand equity? Having a tower built in your name just a few blocks away from the Lauda tower???!!!

Here are some pictures of the design and some more details here:

Also, I thought this may be as good as place as any to announce the new Branded Architecture project here at F1B:

Announcing the new Grace DD Commons!
DD Commons

We have big expectations for the new HQ of F1B and think that our specific branding opportunity that features Grace AND Dunkin Donuts is a real cracking idea. We’ll let you know when the HQ is outfitted with F1B gear and a T1 connection for internet access.

An F1 fan since 1972, NC has spent over 25 years in the technology industry focusing on technology integration, AV systems integration, digital media strategies, technology planning, consulting, speaking, presenting, sales, content strategy, marketing and brand building.
  • J. Clark

    F1B HQ is portable and Schumacher Tower is not, so you’re +1 on that!

  • Jim

    Sure Schumacher has a tower but Grace’s structure has wheels which seem far more appropriate and is filled with wonderful coffee goodness

  • Not to mention a hostess in a tight shirt. ;)

    • Jim

      Is it a tight dunkin donuts shirt

  • Top Gear

    DD coffee was chosen as ‘best’ in a survey of consumers in America last year, so that’s another +1.


  • WFP

    Why did you take a picture I my house??? Just kidding….I will secod the new f1b headquarters and invest in such by purchasing another dozen DD tomorrow morning.

    • LOL. Hey, with all the DD love around here; I’m going to have to make a call for real sponsorship. :)

  • bmwNathan

    The F1B HQ also looks like a good place for the cast off Red Bull trucker hats to hang out at.

  • WonkyDave

    I’m fairly sure that you could get as many ex-Honda employees as you need to man the HQ pretty cheap. Throw in an extra fiver and someone might smuggle the Magic 8 Ball out for you.