At the half way mark, Toyota maintains the lead, with the #7 entry. Currently with Sarrazin at the wheel with 184 laps complete.

The only other car on the lead lap is the #2 Audi Sport Team Joest, currently 1:53 behind after twelve hours of racing.

Of surprise to me but rather impressively, Porsche’s #20 entry is in 4th, 3 laps off the lead although running well, with Timo Bernhard at the wheel. A great return for Porsche.

The #1 Audi was running in 3rd having just completed a pitstop but suddenly started running slowly on track with a fuel injection issue on the fuel rail. Kristensen slowed on the mulsanne straight but made it back to the pits for repairs losing third place to the #20 Porsche 919.

In LMP2, the incredible debut of the Ligier JS-P2 continues with Oak Racing leading the class, Alex Brundle is currently at the wheel of the car and with the attrition in the LMP1 class, is now not only first in class but 7th overall.

Signatech’s Alpine branded car is currently second in class, one lap off the Oak entry and Thiriet by TDS Racing currently runs third in another Ligier JS P2 1:49 behind the Alpine.

In GTE Pro, the battle is immense, with the factory Prodrive Aston Martin Racing team leading the class and the top four in class on the same lap, at this stage in the race, it makes for fantastic action in the night over le mans.

With only thirty seconds between Aston Martin’s #97 entry and AF Corse’s #51 car, Bruno Senna is currently in the lead car being hunted by fellow former F1 driver Fisichella.

In GTE Am, Aston Martin Racing currently lead the class with the #95 car, one lap ahead of rivals SMP Racing in the Ferrari 458 Italia.

The race has taken heavy attrition with one of the Rebellion’s having officially retired and the other in a prolonged pitstop. Toyota’s #8 entry has had a tough race, visiting the pits numerous times throughout the race, although is still running 11 laps off the lead. Meanwhile with five retirements so far in P2 and two cars far down the order although moving and in the GT classes two of AF Corse’s GTE am entries have retired and the Prospeed #51 car, in the past few hours, Le mans is certainly taking its toll.

With the levels of attrition, particularly in the P1 class, it could be possible that a P2 car climbs ever higher as the next twelve hours progress.

Update – Kristensen’s Audi returned to the pits, was repaired and returned to the track, although the team has lost third to the Porsche 919 #20 entry.

  • Apologies for horrible German, but Vor Porsche Vor!

    #20 takes the lead with 3 hrs 40 min remaining!

    -Great battles between Senna’s Aston and AF Corsa Bruni’s Ferrari until the former hit power steering issues.

    -I feel so European, watching “football” all day at packed bars, drinking all night, waking up at an ungodly hour to watch endurance racing; this is what Brits/Europeans do, right? :D

  • #2 Audi’s pace is too much; if neither fails, it’s going to catch Porsche. Nevertheless, what a great race so far; too bad the Toyotas ran into trouble.

    I knew nothing about the Ligier LMP2 entry; appears it’s making significant waves with its performance.

    You’re right Tom, the GTE classes fun to watch, if one take the time to find alternate feeds. WEC as a series looks set for further excitement in upcoming years.

  • Drats; poor Webber’s F1 luck has come to Le Mans.